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    Unable to connect to self

    So up until last week, I would host FGU as a DM then connect to myself with a second client. I would use this client for streaming purposes so my viewers could watch the game without having access to my DM notes and such. Now when I try to do this the second client just gets stuck connecting forever. If I put the wrong password in, I get notified of that. But even with the correct password it never actually finishes connecting. I first noticed this with 4.0.7 but it is still happening as of 3 minutes ago on 4.0.8.

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    Are other players still able to connect to your game?

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    Yes, other players are. Just can't connect to myself for streaming purposes.

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    Are you using the previously connected links in the unity launcher to connect to your game? If so, delete them. Search for your active game listing, or join by GM name instead.

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    Okay manually going to the connection instead of using history seemed to work. I still was not able to remove it from my history however. But, your solution has worked.

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    That is great news.

    As far as history goes, just use it as a handy reminder of games. I always connect with GM name, its just easier to me.

    Glad we were able to get that sorted out. GAME ON

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