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    Goblin's Eye (Darts) Nested Table or Dice Macros?!?!?

    I want to create a nested table or dice macro for a darts game in taverns in my campaign. I reading about this game in various books. But wondered if it would be possible to create a table or dice macros to roll a d20 and d6 and get a value based on the dice rolls.

    The d20 determines where on the board the dart hits. The d6 determines on the stripe where it hits. The values are as follows:

    1 = Doubles
    2 = Regular
    3 = Triples
    4 = Regular
    5 = Regular
    6 = Bullseye (50 points)

    The way it would work, is you'd roll a d20, determine the spot on the board. then immediately roll a d6. So for example, d20 (15) x d6 (3) = 45 points or d20 (10) x d6 (1) = 10 points.

    It would be awesome to if there was a way to add up all the points as they get rolled, but I doubt that's possible. But if there's a way to set up a nested table (if that's even the right function for this) to automatically calculate the dice?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome jbalaneski
    Issue I see with this is 1 in 6 rolls are a bullseye!

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    Are they throwing randomly (blindfolded)? There doesn't seem to be an element of aim in your system?

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    It would take a considerable effort to create something that actually resembled a darts game so you may want to just make a simple darts based game using tables. Your first table might be just a hit/miss table with maybe a 10% chance to miss the target altogether. On a hit this then called a second table which rolled the number being hit. This should probably be weighted in some way since mostly in proper darts players will almost always be aiming for a 20. So if your table rolled percentage dice then the biggest percentage chance would come up with a 20 and then next two highest would be the numbers either side of the 20 (1 and 5). You could probably get away with the other numbers coming up evenly (including the outer and inner bull). This second table could then roll on a third table for a double or triple (if the second table result is not an inner or outer bull) with it weighted to come up with a standard score (say 75% it will roll the number and 15% a triple and 10% a double).

    There isn't a way for the results of the dice rolls to be automatically accumulated so you'd need to just keep a note of the score manually. I'd also just keep it simple as far as determining a winner (say 301 or more total score wins) rather that trying to have an exact number as the win as in real darts (since you could be all day rolling the exact random number needed to in).
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    I think it could be done without too much effort, depending on the ruleset... certainly for 5E...

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