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    Help us grow the community for your favorite rulesets

    If you haven't heard, Fantasy Grounds College, with the help and support of SmiteWorks, is focusing on multiple non-5e rulesets throughout the year. Fifth Edition is of course the most popular and we are continuing our weekly classes on 5e, but we want to make sure the other rulesets are given the spotlight as well. This means we teach DMs, GMs, Referees, Judges, etc. how to run their games in Fantasy Grounds, and we teach players how to create their characters, run combat for their character, and generally use the platform. We also have special symposiums with the community developers and representatives from the publishers as well. We have had a good PF1/3.5 month, and are in the middle of an awesome Traveller 2e month, and are prepared for 2e next month. Still coming up this year we have 2e, DCC, SW, SF, PF2, C&C, CoC, WoD, as well as some general love we will give to CoreRPG and MoreCore.

    This is an invitation for you to help us grow the community, and get more players playing, and GMs running games on your favorite platforms. We need your help. We need people who understand a Fantasy Grounds, as well as a non-5e ruleset, to help teach others how to use it. We want it to be easier for you to find games or find players, or share ideas about how to improve the ruleset in FG, or discuss what's going on in your specific game. This will accomplish all of that. If you are interested and able, please reach out to me on the Fantasy Grounds College Discord server.

    It doesn't matter what ruleset you prefer, as long as it has been developed for FG, or has been implemented on CoreRPG or MoreCore, we want to support every one we can.



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    This is good to hear abd i will reach out on the FGC discord about it. I'd like to see courses on Pathfinder 2, because i have the 300 pg rulebook but its a bear of a read and id like to dm a Pf2 game in the future.

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    @Mytherus that would be excellent! Our PF2 month will be June (right after PaizoCon), and most of the support we have for teaching people the ruleset is in Europe, so we can definitely use the support on this side of the pond.


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