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    Map layer problems

    I'm having a strange issue with map layers, when I try to duplicate map items, they seem to have some randomisation in size. If I shift click two separate layers, it randomly makes those layers a little smaller or a little bigger, and I have no idea why, I'm guessing it's a bug. Does anyone else have this? Or know a way around? I'm trying to duplicate multiple layers, and you have to do that from the layer tab, since if you shift click two map items on the actual map, and try to duplicate them, it only copy's the first item you click, even though both are selected.

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    Can you provide the exact steps and graphic assets you are using to see the issue?

    We would need to recreate locally to see what the problem is, and what we can do to fix it.


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    Alright, the steps are.
    1. I add two images from my assets onto the map.
    2. I ctrl click the two image layers.
    3. I then click on the grouped image, and the assets get bigger.

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    Is there a way that you can make a video clip? Or be even more specific in your steps?

    I tried what you posted, but wasn't able to see the issue. (see the video)
    At first, I tried to Ctrl+click as you posted; but Ctrl doesn't do anything when selecting layers.
    Next, I tried Shift+click when appends selection, then clicked without Ctrl/Shift pressed, then dragged.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Sorry for the late reply. I made a video to show you what is happening.

    2021-02-03 01-30-09.mp4

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    Could you walk me through the exact keyboard and mouse steps in that video?

    How did you add "Arcade (Copy)" layer? Did you edit the video at all? Did you use the keyboard to copy/paste?


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    Also, if you can send me a copy of campaign and a copy of those specific graphics along with the exact steps, perhaps we can follow along exactly...


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    This problem happens no matter what campaign I do it in, if I started a new campaign right now it would do it the same, but I've only noticed it so far in the CoreRPG system, but that could be because I haven't tried using map layers like this in other systems.
    As for the graphics, it works with any graphic files as far as I'm aware but the filetype is only png.
    I didn't edit the video, that is raw footage.
    I added the "Arcade(Copy)" layer by left clicking the first "Arcade" layer and then using the standard keyboard shortcut for copy and pasting. I then left clicked and dragged the copy to the right, I clicked away from that layer to unselect it and went over to the layers. I held ctrl and left clicked the two layers, the original and the copy, that causes the layers to change size randomly, and I then clicked on one of them on the map to select it, causing more changes.

    I could send over the campaign and graphic files, but I seem to be able to recreate this with any number of campaigns and graphics, I'll try to recreate it now using another system and another graphic file type too.

    EDIT: I just tested it using the 5E system and it still happened, will check other filetypes next.
    EDIT: Still happens with some of the free assets that come with FGU Ultimate, but those are also .png files. Wait, do they need to be .png? I guess I can't test other filetypes.
    EDIT: It also works with shift click, not just ctrl click.
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    please provide step by step, click by click instructions to duplicate.

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    I'm still not seeing it, when I tried clicking "off" the layers to deselect, and only clicking on the image control panel with Control key to select. As @LordEntrails mentions, exact step-by-step click/key/mouse details will be very helpful, if not necessary, to recreate.

    Also, can you try using a brand new image with the same samples I used? (From Shockbolt pack that is included)

    Additionally, I had asked for a sample campaign earlier, that would be useful as well; since I can make sure all the data is exactly the same.


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