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    [FREE/PAID] 5E D&D Sunday evenings GMT-5

    We are full..

    Until the end of March, free.
    From April, 0.50$ per session.
    (I use the money to buy artwork for the game, such as token art and map art)

    FG License: Ultimate FGU

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly game on Sunday evenings for 2.5 hours from 7 p.m. until the end of March;
    From April, we can continue that day, or switch day the week, to be decided as a group (see below)

    Term: 1 year, from April 1st, 2021, plus as many free games as we can get in before April

    Voice: yes, Discord

    Game System: 5E

    Roleplay / Combat: 20 / 80

    Experience required? No. I will teach everything.

    Number of players needed: 1 more for a 4 player group

    Until mid-March: short adventures by Kobold Press
    From mid-March: Candlekeep Mysteries (releases on March 16, 2021)

    Books allowed: Official material only

    D&D House rules: to be decided as a group

    Group rules: I only have one: You must respect everyone else, and be easy to get along with. I do not tolerate argumentative or non-cooperative players.

    I live outside of North America, but I will be living in North America for exactly one year from April 1st. During that time, I hope to run another weekly D&D game. I currently have very few commitments. Friday and Saturday evenings are out since I already have plans to run D&D games on those evenings. At this point in time, any other evening works for me. I am hoping that Sunday evenings will continue to work after I move, but it is difficult to know at this time what my summer will be like.

    If you want to join, reply below or send me a private message. I will change the title of post once the group is full.


    I surveyed the three players to see what type of game they want. Here is the list of priorities for this group, from most important to least important.

    Executing turns in a highly optimal way.
    Solving puzzles and mysteries.
    Risking character death. (DM: Really?? I need to confirm this.)
    Struggling with morally-complex questions.
    Seeing higher levels of play (level 13+).
    Building a highly optimized character.
    Leading companions, followers, and minions.
    Shopping for powerful magic items.
    Role playing a character's personality.
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    I have two players now, and I am still looking for two more.

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    We still have room for one more person.

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    hi, my name is cesar from the bay area. i have had fantasy grounds for a while, and even ran a small game for me and my nephews. but i have never been a player before. this is still fairly new to me. its been about a year since i last played a game. but willing to learn some more.

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    No problem. i am happy to teach. You are player number four. I responded to your p.m.

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    A player is not responding to my messages, so we are still looking for one more.

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    Fourth player found.
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