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    Here is the video as promised the lag point are at 3:39 and 5:29 each for 2 seconds exactly which seems kind of weird. Something that specific isn't really internet related. I would think it would adjust from more to less if that was the case.

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    Please keep in mind I move the token for purposes of being able to see the lag, this happens weather I move it or not. It is just harder to notice if you not moving it. and possibly moving it makes it happen more often not sure, I only had myself on the "server" at the time of recording to try and eliminate moving parts.

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    Thanks for spending the time to put the video together. Hopefully this will help the devs recreate the issue and investigate a fix.

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    Added another video where I only added a few modules such as Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook, and Adventure. All from Smiteworks shop.

    I added Some weather Effects (Rain and Clouds)

    I also added LOS

    This seems to compound the issue greatly where I am seeing every 20-25 seconds 3 seconds of lag. This is all using cloud service for game, and no players connected.


    You'll see the lag at teh posted times:
    11 seconds
    41 seconds
    1:08 min
    1:34 min
    1:59 min

    You'll can also note that when dragging now with those things added the map considerably lags when dragging the token. I have a pretty beefy machine so I really don't think it is a limitation of the box or video card.

    HArdware specs are as follows:

    1080 TI 11GB
    AMD FX 3.5 GHZ processor with 8 cores
    32GB of memory
    Running FGU on a SSD drive at:
    Sequential Read Speed: Up to 550 MB/sec
    Sequential Write Speed: Up to 520 MB/sec
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    Thanks for the videos and details. I've forwarded to Carl to review.


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    Any updates on this? I would love to know if it is something I am doing wrong or if there is something with my machine that needs to be fixed. Making it extremely hard to run sessions for my players with it lagging constantly. If there is any testing you need me to do I will be happy to do it.

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    Our guess is that it has something to do with some sort of garbage collection happening. We don't have a fix at this time; and we haven't been able to pinpoint the issue. Since it's not happening to very many people, it may be a factor of drivers, graphics card power, or other machine-dependent settings as well.

    My suggestion is to try to simplify your campaign in any way you can for the moment, until we are able to track it down.
    You might look at the number and size of custom image/token assets you have added to the FG data folder, number of modules you have loaded, and try the scenario without FX on.
    I noticed you already removed all the extensions to rule those out.


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    The test I showed in the last video did have only 2 modules loaded, but I am thinking you might be onto something I have a ton of images and assets in the program files/fg/data folder, does it poll those a lot when it is running? If so that def could be causing it

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    It's not "supposed" to access the assets until they are needed; but perhaps it's not that separated yet.
    How many files and what's the total size of all your custom images/tokens?


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    Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring to state something similar to this happens to me quite frequently and when actually DM'ing and trying to approve movements or move tokens or anything I need to do has me and my players waiting while the "lag" resolves itself until it happens again....I've learned to work with it at this point as I anticipate the problem but would be nice if there was something that could be done client-side to resolve this. Thank you devs for looking into it! I have a similar set-up to the OP although my video card is 8GB and not 11GB

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