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    Eberron Adventurers League

    Anyone have any idea when is the tier 2 game for Eberron AL, going to come out on fantasy grounds? been waiting for long time....
    I know the pen and paper version is out until tier 3 game.

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    My group is making some decisions about what they want to do after finishing wandering around the Phandelver area between both LMoP and DoIP, and one of the things which has been brought up as an option is starting a new group of characters & exploring the Eberron campaign.

    The current documentation (v 9.1) has the checkpoint and unlock language from S8 instead of the milestone language from S9. Is this a deliberate thing?

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    There are 2 set of Eberron AL campaign, "Oracle of War" and "Embers of the Last War", the new one and currently future in D&D AL website is "Oracle of War" campaign which use the new system.

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    This is the link to (most of) the current AL documentation you need:

    They haven’t posed a DM rewards document for Season 10, so that’s the one where you would still use the Season 9 document.

    Oracle of War is the current alternate campaign set in Eberron, and is really very good. The adventures and Epics are being run on a lot of servers.

    The old Season 8 Eberron campaign, Embers from the Last War is not supported any more by AL. You can use the Season 8 rules to run it, but given almost no AL groups or cons are running that content so little benefit to portability, you might as well run that campaign as homebrew.

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    I would also like to see some more mods beyond EB-04. I've run 1 & 2 and we're almost halfway through what Eberron I can run on FG, if I get the Epic in there too.

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    Check in at www.fgpug.com and join their Discord server. They are currently playing through tier 2 and 3 and doing the epic early next month for Eberron AL.

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