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    KJs Unity 4E Extension Emporium

    Scroll down to download the extensions described in this thread. Apparently only 5 attachments allowed per post.

    I'm creating this tread to share extensions I currently use for Unity with the 4E rule set. Some of these extensions are created by me, but most are created by others that I have modified to work with 4E. My collaborator for many of the custom extensions is our good friend Valeros, creator of the 4E Item Parser. I am also very grateful for Kelrugem's help.

    I will be adding to this list over time. I have quite a few 4E extensions and will make sure I reach out to any of the extension authors before posting.

    4E Char Sheet Header: *Updated* Saving Throw added. Extension name changed. Make sure you delete the old version. I use FG Winter Theme now so the graphic is different.

    There were two items my players were constantly complaining about. One was not having a HP counter which had the HP total descend numerically as damage is taken. The other was that they spent most of their time on the Powers tab and wanted a way to see their defense numbers, hit points and surges at all times. This was remedied by Valeros creating the 4E Char Sheet Header. This extension removes the Bloodied display on the main tab and replaces it with the characters current HP. This display was also added to the header of the character sheet as well as adding the character's Level, Defenses, Surges (with button named Heal to spend a healing surge).

    Theme_Winter_4E: The new FG Winter Theme looks great but is not optimized for 4E. For example the At-Will, Encounter, Daily powers do not have their corresponding colors. This extension fixes this and also adds some other graphic additions.

    Font-Roboto-FGU_Merriweather_4E: This Font extension was created by merging mattekure's Roboto FGU extension and Strangely Browne's Merriweather's font extension
    I have modified the font sizes to fit 4E panels making them as large as I could and not be cut off.

    4E Better Skill Tab: The Skill tab seemed a little cluttered to me so I made some adjustments to make it a little cleaner. I removed the check boxes on the left of the panel and separated the items a little.

    4E_Desktop_Buttons.ext: Modified the original by mattekure For my version I removed the shortened names and adding the full name text. I also modified the button size and placement to accommodate.

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    4E Height: *Updated* Bug fixes. Adds a height number to a token on map. Modified with help from Kelrugem to work with 4E. Original extension located here:
    ALT + Wheel: Add a height label to the token (negative numbers are allowed, too, scroll up and down for increase and decrease, respectively)

    Token Height Indicator: Another version that works with 4e. I am using this one now.

    4E Condition Icons: Extension created by me containing new icons for all the condition icons. Originally posted here:

    4E Aura Effects: *Updated* Use bmos version. Works great with 4e and he is actively supporting it.

    4E Combat Tracker Remove Effect Text: This extension is useful when using Aura Effects or when many effects are ongoing. The character display on the Combat Tracker can become quite busy. This extension removes the text that is displayed by default in the Combat Tracker and now only is displayed when the Effects button is selected.

    4E Combat Tracker Move Delete Button: When a monster is defeated, a red delete button is placed to the far right shifting everything to the left. Valeros and I found this annoying so Valeros created this extension to move the button to the left next to Visibility icon.

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    4E Add Item Token and Description: This extension adds a Token image for an Item similar to NPC tokens, plus a text box at bottom of item for formatted text and linking images. Add Token to item as you would for NPC's. Created by Valeros. I combined two of his extensions into this one extension.

    4E_Dis_Advantage: This extension brings Advantage/Disadvantage plus an Inspiration toggle to 4E. Based on Kelrugem's Dis_Advantage extension and with his plus Valeros's help and development. More info on this extension can be found here:

    4E_AmmoCounter: Adds a checkmark on ranged weapons ammo when used. Prints a warning in the chat box when using a weapon that is out of ammo. Developed by Valeros.

    4E_Attack_Roll_Font_Icon_Color: This extension adds new icons displayed in the chat box for attack Hit, Miss, Crit, Fumble (the Crit and Miss have the Eff word on the die image). The total die result is also using a larger font and in Red.

    4E_GM_Icon: Gives an icon to the GM replacing the stock GM icon. Created by damned and modified by me changing the icon. Original post here:

    Change icon image by replacing file graphics\portraits\gm-icon.png. New image file must be named the same "gm-icon.png"

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    4E Power Card Truncated: For those of us lucky enough to have used Valeros's 4E Item Parser. This extension cleans up and truncates the power card description in the Powers records. Created by Valeros.

    4E Card Flavor Text: Add Flavor Text to the Power Card.

    4E Remove Effect Tag: Allows players to remove an effect applied to their characters. Working for 4E. Created by Nickademus and Trenloe. Original thread:

    4E AltWoundColors 200001: This extension changes the default wound colors on the party sheet, combat tracker, and tokens for the Tiered and Standard settings. Created by Griogre. Original thread here:

    4E Damage Types and Creature Subtypes: I created this extension to add more damage types and creature subtypes that can be used in effects programming.

    Damage Types: "acid" "cold" "fire" "force" "lightning" "necrotic" "poison" "psychic" "radiant" "thunder" "bludgeoning" "piercing" "slashing" "silver" "magic" "dragonslayer" "giantslayer" "breath" "bleed" "evil" "good"

    Monster Subtypes: "air" "angel" "aquatic" "cold" "construct" "demon" "devil" "dragon" "earth" "fire" "giant" "homunculus" "living construct" "mount" "ooze" "orc" "plant" "reptile" "shapechanger" "spider" "swarm" "undead" "water"
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    4E Change Residuum Value: Changed the GP exchange from 10,000gp - 1 Residuum to 1-1 GP value. This makes it easier to buy Ritual components. 100 Residuum = 100GP worth of Residuum. Most Rituals require some GP value of Residuum. So if its a cost of 20GP of Residuum in components, when the component is used the player subtracts 20 Residuum. Makes it easier to track.

    4E Default Weapon MiniChar: For players that like to use the Mini Sheet, this extension fixes the Weapon and Implement section so the player can mouse over the number and change it. This is not working in the original.

    4E Familiar No Default Powers: When creating a Character, Fantasy Grounds adds default powers (Action Point and Second Wind). This is carrying over to Familiars. These powers are removed from Familiars using this extension. Created by Valeros.

    4E Encounter XP and Level Calculator: This extension auto calculates the encounters XP and Level when selecting the calculate button. Created by Valeros.
    Description of its use is described in original post here:

    4E Item Slot Field: This extension adds a "Slot" input field to the Character Sheet Defense section. This can be used to track items such as amulets that give a defensive bonus.

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    4E Unidentified Item Tracker: Identified item toggle added to inventory to show if item is identified. This can be selected by the DM only to show when the item is Identified thus revealing the items properties.

    4E Long Rest Healing Surges: This is a house rule extension. Instead of all healing surges returning after a long rest, only 2 plus Constitution Modifier is given on a long rest.

    Fantasy Grounds Indicators: Similar to Death Indicator but better. Works with 4e. Well worth the price.

    4E Death Indicator: Based off celestian's Death Indicator extension I have created a 4e version for Unity with the help of Valeros.

    This extension applies a graphic to the PC and NPC tokens for 50%HP Bloodied, 0HP Unconscious, -1HP Dying, and on PC 0 - (Bloodied amount) for Dead.
    There is roll over text telling the condition.

    4E Has Initiative Indicator: Puts a crown on the PC or NPC who has initiative. Authored by celestian. I modified the original code to get it to work with Unity.

    4E Party Inventory Identified: Adds an item identifier to the Party Sheet inventory. This is a quick way for the DM to switch the item from Unidentified to Identified. Author is Llisandur

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    Spell Tokens: Add spell image tokens to the players character sheet. Player can then add the spell token to the map. New version supports 4E!

    4E Notes: OMG, Valeros did it again. Formatted text in the Notes tab! Drag and drop Note links, Image links and well... any links! and Tables! Great stuff. Revitalize your Notes tab! Download this extension! :-)

    Slots.png Made a 4E version of the Slots image to be used with 4E Notes.

    CT Open on Turn extension: This extension opens the PC or NPC's sheet when the combat tracker moves to their turn. Works great with 4E. Created by mattekure. You can get it at the DMsGuild.

    Better Menus: I have started using this extension to clear up more real-estate on the desktop. Works well with 4E. Takes a little to get use to but its worth it for the extra room it frees up.

    Shops: A great extension for 4E users that have players that like to shop. It comes pre populated with 5E items but I dont load that and drag and drop 4E items into the Shop. Created by mattekure. Can be purchased on DMsGuild: Totally worth the price.

    MK Syrinscape Sound Links module: I use this extensively. The Syrinscape access can be a little pricy but it adds a lot to the emersion. Another created by mattekure. DMsGuild:

    Combat Highlighter: Very helpful when you need to know what token goes with what NPC listed in the Combat Tracker. Written in CoreRPG so works with 4e.

    Clear Dead: This extension adds a button to the GM combat tracker window to remove dead NPCs.

    FG-CoreRPG-Coins-Weight: *NEW* Adds coin weight to the inventory.

    CoreRPG - High Variance
    Adds some new effects that affect dice rolls. I have used it on a cursed item making a critical roll of 20 into a roll of 1 and a fumble. Muhahaha.

    ClockAdjuster: *NEW* Adds a cool widget for the DM to adjust the Calendar times. There is also two time entries that you double click to add time and a Short or Extended rest.
    Extension Page:

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    This looks awesome so far, can't wait to see what else is to come!
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    Thanks for the links. This must be a sign for me to start running 4e in 2021!

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