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    4E Skill Success / Failure Margins

    Adds margin of success / failure tag to skill check announcement.
    Requested by kevininrussia.
    March 24 2012: tested and working with current test build as well as live build.

    Total of skill check: 17
    FG Message: [SKILL] Heal (vs. DC 15) [SUCCESS]

    Total of skill check: 17
    FG Message: [SKILL] Heal (vs. DC 10) [SUCCESS] [BY 5+]

    Total of skill check: 14
    FG Message: [SKILL] Heal (vs. DC 30) [FAILURE] [BY 15+]
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    I was hoping to use this with the Skill Challenge panel but apparently there are no checks on the DC. Only drag and drop from Chat to Skill Challenge window.

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