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    RolemasterClassic ruleset v2.0 (based on CoreRPG)

    Yes, this is really happening, and this post will be long so sorry about that. I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer and this conversion has been really difficult. I’ve had at least 7 failed attempts. This was mainly because I couldn’t get a version going that I could use when GMing. Luckily, I was able to get a version going that I could use in my game in May of last year. It was rough the first few weeks but from that point I was able to make small changes to slowly implement more features of CoreRPG and some things that I’ve wanted to add for a very long time. We stopped playing at the end of September, but I made enough progress that I could continue to work on it. I’ve had it in a good place the last couple months, but I’ve been trying to clean up as much as possible so that it can hopefully be a smooth transition for you.

    There were a few people that helped me along the way that I want to thank:
    • JPG for answering questions along the way and just helping me out in general.
    • Trenloe for pointing me in the right direction for the first version that I could use to run my campaign using and for helping me wrap my head around CoreRPG effects.
    • BlackCultist for creating the reference manuals for Character Law and Creatures & Treasures.
    • Elvedui for helping with researching things, getting data together for me and for providing additional feedback.

    This is at least the initial release. I still plan on adding to it but wanted to get it out to all of you instead of making you wait while I add new features and update things.
    RMC v2 CoreRPG Features.JPG
    It will be loaded to the test channel first since I need it to be tested a bit more so I can resolve any issues before it gets moved to the live channel. I do plan on putting together some documentation but here is an overview of some of the changes. I’ve only done minimal testing in FGU so far. I plan on testing that in more depth now and adjusting the fonts in the ruleset so everything lines up properly.

    This version changes things significantly so please test it without a live campaign at first. Then when you are ready make a copy of your campaign before using it because you won’t be able to use it with any version of the ruleset before 2.0. It will update characters, combat tracker entries, NPCs, items, notes, etc. You will also have to update any hotkey bar shortcuts because there isn't a way for me to migrate those. The ruleset will make a backup of your campaign before it starts migrating it but still make a copy just in case.

    I had to change the way the tables in the ruleset were stored so they wouldn’t conflict with the Fantasy Grounds Tables that come with CoreRPG. There are new versions of the modules (Arms Law, Character Law, Spell Law, Creatures & Treasures, Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons and Rolemaster The Armoury) that handle this.

    You will see a Rolemaster Tables button that contains the old tables you are used to seeing in the ruleset. The Fantasy Grounds Tables are the CoreRPG versions. Modules should work except for those that contain Rolemaster tables that use the Table Resolver. For those you will need to change the <tables> and </tables>tags to <RMTables> and </RMTables> respectively. If you don’t make this change then the tables won’t show up in the Rolemaster Tables.

    There were a few other module changes like the reference manuals for Character Law and Creatures & Treasures. These are the only reference manuals at this point. A few FG tables were added to the modules. There aren’t many at this point since I still have update the code for those tables to handle open-ended rolls. The other changes to the modules were updates to the NPCs, items and critical tables for the effects.
    RMC v2 Reference Manual.JPG
    I tried to make it so existing modules except those with RM tables would work so I don’t anticipate any issues there. I’ve tested it with the modules in the store and the ones that I’ve made for my game. I haven’t seen any issues for awhile but please let me know if you encounter any issues.

    I doubt any extensions will work with this version without at least some modifications since the ruleset is so different from the current version. I would recommend disabling any extensions before initially using it unless you have some that have already been updated for this new version. I will post updated versions of the Smooth and Linear Stat Bonus extensions shortly after it is on the test channel.

    I think I have most of the CoreRPG features working. They should be complete except for the Effects. This includes the Party Sheet, Calendar, Options, Modifiers, Fantasy Grounds Tables, Quests, Parcels, etc.

    There are also new sidebar items for professions, races, skills and spell lists. These can be dragged to the appropriate locations on the character sheet and provide additional details about them. The races are done. I plan on adding more to the professions, skills and spell lists.

    The modifiers window has new toggle buttons. There is a Difficulty toggle for skills and stats. The Flank/Rear and Cover toggles are for attacks.

    For the effects, I’ve covered the effects (penalty, must parry, stun, stun no parry, and bleeding) that are in the pre-2.0 version of the ruleset. Descriptions will be included in the Penalty effects along with other things that I thought were significant for the GM to handle using the healing rules. I did add handling for the conditional effects. So, if the critical has different results based on the protection (for example, metal chest armor) the target has it will apply the appropriate effects.

    This is where the new items are used. The items are quite different and were one of the things that kept tripping me up because the pre-2.0 version of the ruleset had multiple versions of the items (inventory items/weapons, herbs, transport and GM campaign items). Getting these all integrated and working smoothly was a challenge. Now that they are all combined, there are quite a few benefits including the fact that the GM can now store items directly in the campaign instead of creating a character to store them in.

    For armor, items now track AT, DB bonus, MM penalties, and protections for 6 different locations. This is no longer hard coded in the ruleset so you can create armor that has different AT and maneuver penalties. The protection locations (head, face, neck, torso, arms and legs) can have leather, metal or none for protection. Those values will be used by the ruleset to apply the conditional criticals appropriately. The armor in Character Law has been updated with these new values and new armor has been added to handled ATs 10, 14, and 18 since I combined the greaves with the breastplates.
    RMC v2 Armor Samples.JPG
    On the character sheet combat tab, you equip your character’s armor, helmet, primary hand, secondary hand and adder/multiplier. The tool tips for these fields will tell you what can be equipped in these fields. These fields will update your AT, MM penalties, DB, protection values, and spell adder/PP multiplier. Unfortunately, the armor stats aren’t in the items from the pre-2.0 version of the ruleset.
    RMC v2 CharSheet Combat Tab.JPG
    Yes, it will update your power points for PP multipliers and keep track of your spell adder uses. Keeping the used values updated is still a manual process but I do have plans on how to incorporate this. I also have some ideas on how to automate ESF rolls. This won’t happen until a future update.

    The character sheet main tab has been completely redone. There are detailed sections for the stats, RRs and move & init with a red magnifying glass to see the details. The profession and race fields now include links to the module information. These will show more details about the profession or race. The stats allow you to store damage on all 10 stats so you can track damage from undead or stat deterioration. The power points section is where the spell adder and multiplier values are.
    RMC v2 CharSheet Main Tab.JPG
    There are other features that I've added but this should keep you busy for a little while so I will end it here.

    I will post here after it is moved to the test channel. Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any issue once you can test it.

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    Omggyesomgyesomgyes, nicely done!

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    Hi Dakadin,

    Will this overwrite the current RMC or be a new product all together. The reason I ask is because for extension purposes like RMFRP, took a long time for me to make and I doubt I could get it up and going again as quick as an update. If is it a complete different product atleast all the old extension would still work and can play them, until i get around for a RMFRP for 2.0. Unless you have plans around that, but I assume your first priority would be RMU.

    This means current campaign can continue along all areas, without interruption.
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    It will overwrite the existing ruleset and modules. This is part of the reason I want it in the test channel for awhile before moving it to live. It will give you and others time to update extensions and allow me to take care of the issues that come up. One plus for you is I haven't changed the skills tab and your updates to rules_stats.lua should be easy to incorporate because I didn't make many changes to that file. Feel free to ask me if you need help though.

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    When you mean awhile how long do I have cause currently I going to be swamped for 2 weeks work wise, got a rough timeline

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    I was thinking for a 2-3 weeks depending on how things go. You can also always just unzip the current version into a folder with the same so that you can keep using it longer if needed.

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    I think I just wet myself! Incredible job, and thank you for the undertaking.

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    Well it took me 10 minutes to read and digest that beautiful post, and then another 5 minutes to pick myself up off the floor.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for 9+ years of gaming via FG my friends (AD&D 2e / 3.5e / Rolemaster Classic / Castles & Crusades / Pathfinder / Savage Worlds / 5e / Traveller 2e)!

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    We see here, Dakadin, a god amongst us mere mortals! Thank you so much for spending your time on doing this for us!

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    Thank you Dakadin for the work! U just made a group of 8 MERP/RM fanatics really happy!

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