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    Quote Originally Posted by celestian View Post
    Still, it's not the distance between the tokens, it's the distance between inner token space, not between. Infact, with the inability of FGU to measure half-square slots (FGC did) it would probably make matters more difficult to calculate.
    I'm just not sure the reason why you need the distance between tokens....I'm sure you have one, but if, as JPG said, it is providing the distance to the centers of the nearest squares of each token, then it should be relatively easy to calculate (e.g. subtract 5 feet, or the base unit of measure distance). A creature adjacent to you would have a distance between the tokens of 0, but would be considered within 5 feet reach of each other, and I think that is what it is returning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Unity does not have a native JSON encoder/decoder. It has a very special purpose JSON->screen object decoder, which requires a prefab that exactly matches the JSON to work. So, it can't be used for general purpose arbitrary JSON encoding/decoding. I actually looked at this very specifically for you.

    My plan is to eventually add encode/decode JSON. However, it requires adding a complete library just to support a single set of APIs; so I'd like to sound out the rest first.

    I'm sure you're already aware of it, just in case though System.Text.Json is lightweight, both in requirements and in performance.
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    Unfortunately, that library is not available yet in the .Net version that Unity engine supports. (which is .Net v4.x option in the Unity build interface)


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    Just poked into the Unity forums to investigate this; because I would prefer to use native .Net classes than to import yet another library (like Newtonsoft). Apparently, the Unity team has been slowly working towards .Net 5 / .Net Standard 2.1 over the last 6-9 months; but does not offer support yet.


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    Oh, I had assumed FG wasn't on the old framework version given that FGU is relatively new. Out of pure curiosity, what's holding FG back from using .Net Standard 2.0?
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    The Unity cross-platform engine that we built FGU on uses their own implementation of .Net; and they currently support .Net 2 / .Net v4.x


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    Unity also supports .Net Standard 2.0 (as of 2018 iirc), which is easily overlooked given the .Net Framework 2.0 support In the few Unity projects that I've migrated forward from Framework to Standard I haven't encountered more than maybe a day worth of work in converting, but I have heard the rare tale of woe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deer_buster View Post
    I'm just not sure the reason why you need the distance between tokens....
    Because ALL actions assume distance to the token/npc, not it's "center". When someone quoted "you'd need a reach of 15 ft" I ignored it because I don't play 5e all that often so don't know it's mechanics all that well but when there is 10 foot between targets and you need 15 ft reach to hit, that makes 0 sense to me. All I need is the reach to touch the target, which in the example I gave was 10 ft.

    As I showed earlier I already have code to do this w/o the system mentioned here and I'll continue to use it but if we're talking about API code that will more than likely improve performance since the API calls are not encumbered by LUA then... it would be nice for it to function as would be expected. As far as I know there are only 2 of us that actually do this sorta thing as is and the 2E ruleset is one of them. When auras become a thing in FGU natively this will become more apparent.
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    In fact, as I think about it, the only troubles I've encountered personally are when resuscitating Unity projects that hadn't been maintained for a couple years. Had to spend a fair amount of time migrating away from obsoleted Unity API calls, but I can't recall anything from the Framework to Standard conversion itself breaking.
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    I don't remember the rules for AD&D, but since 3.0, two tokens that are adjacent to each other are considered to be five feet apart, and at melee distance for medium/normal reach creatures.

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