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    Bug or not? Rolling weapons attack do not calculate the +x bonus for NPC ships


    i'm wondering if this is a bug or if i am doing something wrong.

    I made a custom NPC ship and first thought i did something wrong, but i have t he same issue with a pregenerated ship so that's not it. The NPC ships have a weapon for e.g. "tentacles +1 (4d4 plus immobilize). If i drag the "tentacles +12" onto the enemy the game rolls a d20 as expected and states "+12" --> but the end result does not include to +12 bonus at all. Is this intendet, or am i doing something wrong?

    Sidequestion: Is there an actual tutorial on how to create custom NPC ships? If i design a new ship and add it to the combat tracker i get an "attempt to index a nil value" error.

    My thanks as always!


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    Starships work different in Starfinder than normal combat. Weapons/Attacks don't get any bonuses, just the characters do. Now I assume you want to use a Novaspawn in your campaign. With these 'living starships' they say they get a bonus on the attacks because if you would run them at a table its an alien making the attacks, it's just the size of a starship and GM understand what they have to do if theres a +12 behind the tentacle. Now FG doesn't know what to do with these and so it just thinks thats the name of the attack.
    To fix this for you: Make a copy of the Novaspawn (just drag and drop it back onto the Starship list). Then open and unlock it. Scroll down to the section called crew and create 3 new crew members. Name one Gunner, one Pilot and one Engineer (that's the 3 roles the Novaspawn get's). Now give the Gunner 'Gunnery +12', the Pilot 'Piloting +20' and the Engineer 'Engineering +16' (all without the '). These are the bonuses the Novaspawn get's as you can read them in the statblock. If you drop this new ship onto th CT make sure you open the crew details (little blue guy) and tick the Gunners checkbox. If you've done all of that your ship should get the +20 on Init rolls, +12 on all it's attackrolls and you can use both the Pilot and the Engineer in the crew section to let them roll for their respective actions by double-clicking the modifier.
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    Woah....sounds somewhat complicated to me and to be honest i'm wondering why they (FG) didn't create the ships like that in the first place in the bought DLCs or is this still "WIP"? The Thread i found seems to be from 2018, not sure if that one is still in the works or not.

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    Starships and starship combat in general are WIP. This right here is just an oversight by the devs who made the AA conversion, probably not thinking about how the ruleset handels starship combat. If you need help setting this up you can write me a dm on Discord I can help you there in real time.
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    Okay, for those having the same issues like me:

    1. the "nil error" occured, because i didn't have a ship token set yet. After i gave the NPC ship a token the error, when adding it to the CT, didn't occure anymore.
    2. if you add shields to the ships use "basic 10" instead of "small 10", since "small" isn't known by the parser, but "basic" is. You can see the correct values when you look into starship items --> button shields (top left corner) and look for the headlines ("Heavy", "medium", "basic" and such).
    3. Adding the roles (gunnery with gunnery +x, engineer with engineering +x and pilot with piloting +x) does work as Evo stated, even though it's a bit sad having to do that work for all the NPC ships, but maybe it gets easier in the future .

    Thanks Evo for helping me finding that out!
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