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    Wanted to share some Bregan D'aerthe images I made

    I'm sending my players to Waterdeep soon, so I made a couple images of my re-imaging of Bregan D'aerthe Drow Assassins.

    These were made using Reallusion Iclone and Character Creator. The clothes and weapons came from the Reallusion Assassins and Post Apocalyptic Sets, with a few props from Adolf.Antareus' Doomsday Set. Basically all I did was set it up, modify the colors a bit, and pose it, and set the lighting and camera angles.

    bregan d aerthe rooftop.png
    bregan d aerthe tavern.png

    I've also reimagined Jarlaxle Baenre as a female albino drow
    the white spider.jpg

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    I made an image of trolls fighting.
    troll fight3.png

    If you want to see why lighting is important, here's the original unaltered version with no lighting, lol.
    troll fight.png

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    These are fantastic, well done. You got real talent.

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    Thank you. Reallusion's iclone and character creator do most of the hard work. I mostly adjust the characters in character creator (to make each character look different), then pose them, set lighting, and then finish in gimp.

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