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    Please Welcome Brad Bound to the SmiteWorks team as our Marketing Specialist

    Brad Bound was one of numerous applicants we received for the Marketing Specialist role at the company. He agreed to join the company in December and began officially on January 4th, 2021.

    If you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, you've already seen some great changes that Brad put in place.

    Like me, Brad is another "Florida Man" on the team, but we are pretty sure he will be polishing up our online activities instead of wrestling gators or making the local news for doing anything absurd or ridiculous.

    Please give him a great Fantasy Grounds welcome.
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    Awesome! Congratulations and welcome, Brad!
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    Welcome to the team!
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    Welcome aboard!!

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    Welcome Brad, great to have you joining the team!

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    Welcome aboard Brad, and I did see the jolly nice changes in the newsletter.

    And don’t let Doug talk you into any kind of wrestling
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    Welcome to aboard Brad!

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    Welcome to SW! The newsletter changes look great!
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    Hi Brad welcome to the Fantasy Grounds community great way to start the new year!! Salute!!!

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