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    Quote Originally Posted by StickClip View Post
    Hi Moon Wizard,

    I noticed a couple more things looking over the Silver of the Sea...

    1) I can't seem to get the combat tracker to deal out initiative cards. When I click on Menu > Turn Order > Reset Turn order, nothing happens. I'll attach an image (note below). Also, there's times when you need to swap initiative order, or redraw, and I'm not sure how that should work.

    2) Free League is adding a box for Capital to Vaesen character sheets. Can that get added to the Fantasy Ground's Veasen sheets? Here's info...

    So on attaching images here, I normally use linux mint, and google chrome browser doesn't show any of the options to attach images, or format text. When I go to a different laptop running windows, it does show up (but that's a little inconvenient because I run FG from linux).

    Just FYI, I think the reset turn order only resets non-friendlies. It works fine for me. I just need to "roll initiative" again for the players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwydion View Post
    Just FYI, I think the reset turn order only resets non-friendlies. It works fine for me. I just need to "roll initiative" again for the players.
    Thanks. I hadn't noticed the Initiative button on the PC sheets, and was expecting the reset to work on everyone. Makes sense players would want to roll that themselves.

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    Please scratch #1 - appears to be working fine

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    Bug Report. The ruleset GM records contain two different NPC records, called Vaesen, and NPC. Only the NPC type can be added to new encounters; trying to add a Vaesen generates to following warning message in the chat window: Only records from campaign record lists can be added to encounters.

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    This is fixed in the beta Test channel for the Vaesen ruleset. The fix will be available once this goes Live in mid-late December.


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    Bug - NPCs can not punch

    I am noticing you can equip an NPC with 'Kick or Punch', but when you try to use it, it gives an error..

    ERROR: Can't roll any attack with Kick or Punch
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I've pushed an update to the beta Test channel that recognizes the "UA" attack type for NPC equipment.

    It looks like you still need to specify Physique and/or Force to have it roll any dice. Not familiar with the system, but I think that is working in beta.


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    Hi Moon Wizard,

    I just checked in dev, and the unarmed attach seems to be working fine now.
    I'm running my first game this Saturday - fingers crossed it can make it to prod.

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    Parry problem

    When you make a Parry on the character sheet, it always uses Force.

    It should be using Close Combat for armed parries, and Force for unarmed parries.

    Could we either get..
    1) two separate Parry buttons, one for Armed and another for Unarmed
    2) have the sheet be smart enough to toggle between the Force/Close Combat parries, depending if a melee weapon is active


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    I have no idea how the system works at that level, so I'll have to wait for the ruleset developers to come back.


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