I created a shield named Interceptor Shield, and a flail with [>Ignore #Shield].
When the flail wielder attacked the shield holder, the ignore shield effect did not apply.
I went through various steps to determine why, and learned that shield names must start with "Shield" for them to be recognized as shields for purposes of the ignore effect.
That seems odd, and not very intuitive. It also means when I create a shield it must always be named "Shield, Interceptor" and could never be named just "Interceptor" or "Aegis" or "mini wall of can't hit me".
When creating armor, the drop down lists shield as an option. Shouldn't that be the indicator?
Also, if you select Power Armor or Body Armor in the drop down, and the name starts with "Shield", [Ignore #Shield] will still apply against it.
When selecting the type, fields appear appropriate to the type. For shield, shouldn't armor disappear and be replaced by Parry and Cover? Instead, shields must have those qualities manually entered as effects, unlike the other two types.

My request is for the following changes to shields:
The type (shield) is what determines if it's a shield and not the name.
Parry and Cover fields are used to enter those values rather than an effect in notes.

I know this isn't a trivial change, but it would be a nice improvement and one little thing that makes the app more friendly.

If there's a better place to put this request let me know. I'm not clear on where this belongs.

Thank you!