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    5e D&D Tuesday 1pm EST

    FGU Ultimate License
    Discord Voice
    5e D&D Home Brew Custom Realm and parameters
    1pm EST Tuesdays every week for 3 hours
    Looking for 1 more person

    We just wrapped up act 1 after 5 sessions. The party has reached level 7. Act 2 begins with the party now in charge of a Thieves Guild and The Guild of Heroes as well as several shops (leather worker, smithies, alchemist, and various workshops etc). An ancient God of Fire has been released on the realm and now threatens all life on the continent is the meta plot. The guilds will open a protégé system for the party that can be actively played for various missions should the party want to.

    The world is custom and hand drawn. An insane amount of story unfolded in Act 1. Mostly as a means to develop the world and give our heroes epic back story. Act 2 will be a character driven narrative as I have successfully created the world and can finally stand back and take a breathe. To further the character driven nature a system of STORY POINTS has been implemented. Players can spend these points (assuming they earned one) to do just about anything. The SP gives players the ability to BE the DM and spit tale. I rarely say no and openly encourage masterpiece imaginations to run wild. A common mind would look at this like a wish spell from a genie. A masterpiece mind created the Guilds and increased relations with all the civilizations that will enhance our game play for all sessions to come.

    One player quit the party insisting THIS was not 5e. He was probably right. I took the basics and utilize all the stuff we know and love and built upon it. Rule nazi players need not apply. Mutations, steam punk tech, custom made spells and tech are all common place here. We are looking for 1 more dedicated player that can commit to weekly adventures and loves to laugh. Imagination and an aggressive play style is a prereq for this campaign. Back seat adventures and looky loos just wont work. Even if you have no experience with 5e or FGU that doesn't matter to me. Its your imagination and desire to have fun that will win you a spot.

    I'll sort you out via 1 on 1 talks over discord.


    Thanks y'all

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    Hello, interested in joining your game, how roleplay heavy is your group? Pleases can I have more information about your custom rules. Thinking of playing a kobold artificer which is adopted by a dragonborn noble house.

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    Reach out on discord. I'll catch you up on the past and an artificer sounds nice. Sit in on session if your curious what transpires.

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    Questing for lost arcana to uncover the weaknesses of the fire lord. The party needs 1 more hero to aid them on their epic struggles.


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    Is there still a spot This campion is very interesting to me because its a completely different campaigns that I play. If that's ok with you.

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    Yes we still have a spot. Hit me up on discord.

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    Ok I’m Razorfan1A in discord

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