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    RMC Ruleset automatons (and product support)

    I would like to know which automatons/features are included in the RMC ruleset. For example: if I attack an opponent, does the ruleset calculate the hit points inflicted and the critical triggered, and automatically roll the appropriate critical - applying any result?

    Additionally, I would like to know how much the Rolemaster product line is supported on FG, because I see actually there are a couple of modules and three adventures only on the shop..

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    When you make any roll in RMC, the GM get a confirmation window that details the roll, it's modifiers and it's result. They may proceed to approve or disapprove the roll or perhaps add any modifiers that the Player might have missed (or didn't know about), in case any corrections are in order.
    In the case of attacks, the Hits are added automatically to the enemy and the appropriate critical is rolled and it's effects are also automatically added.
    The system also handles your PP and Exhaustion by itself, but you might need to alter some manual details, for instance, there's no way to tell the program for how long you have been marching or in what conditions, but it works wonders in combat.
    When it comes to items, it's also highly customizable, you can create any item you want with it's mechanical features working properly, the same also applies to monsters.
    At the end of the day, I would consider the RMC ruleset quite complete.

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    Hi Galdor,

    Watching some of the videos that Wolfshield put together can help you see what is possible for yourself. You can find them here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...p?17264-Videos. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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    Samzagas, Dakadin, thank you both!
    Two more questions:
    - it looks like you always need to make two more clicks to resolve attacks/critical after the standard FG attack procedure (targeting, roll to hit, etc): is there a way/option to skip such additional clicks, so RM ruleset automatically apply the result of attack roll (also showing it in the chat), without any "resolve" button?
    - as I asked in my previous thread, how much the Rolemaster products line is intended to be increased on FG? I asked that because I see actually there are just a couple of modules and only three adventures on the shop.. Have the numbers of such products (modules, adventures) been scheduled to be raised in the near future or not? Are there any additional modules/adventures scheduled in the next weeks/months?
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    - As far as I know, you can't really accelerate the process but due to how RMC works, I wouldn't want it to do so anyway.
    - Sadly, I have no info since I'm just another player and if it's not in the news, then I don't know about it.

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    Yes you do have to resolve each attack. I do hope to add a few options to make it so GMs can have it automatically apply the results and deal with the criticals. It will require quite a bit of redesign but should be possible. But I do like the way it works now because the GM has a lot more control over what is happening and can easily add/remove modifiers if something was missed.

    If it is available on DriveThruRPG then I can convert it to be used on FG. I do have plans to do more products but they take time and I only do this in my spare time.

    Rolemaster Classic for FG Wish List - http://rm4fg.idea.informer.com/

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