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    C&C FGU series: Lets create a cleric in Fantasy Grounds Unity

    Hey everyone. Let's create a Cleric video is up!


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    Great! Thanks for doing these. It is a much better learning experience to see this stuff done in one preferred ruleset, rather then say 5e or pathfinder, then have to relate that to C&C.

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    Thank you dachda. 3 years ago when I first found Castles & Crusades I was disappointed there was only a few poorly made youtube video's on C&C. It would take an entire series to show all its secrets. Much like what Fantasy Grounds College does with D&D 5e. Then 2 years later I came back to try and run C&C on Fantasy Grounds and found there was still no video's. It was upsetting to find that the Troll Lord Games guys were not getting this done. I see how new players that come to the game would be uninterested when they search YouTube and find nothing. Its a snowball effect, if no ones doing anything it does not encourage others to do it as well. So I decided to do something about it. Maybe my video's will encourage others to make some more. Maybe the game will gain more popularity online. Its a hope!

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