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    Proxy war between 2 gods.

    Hi all. I'm looking to have my players get stuck in a proxy war between two gods. Any good adventures that you think can be tweaked to fit that role? I'm thinking about playing around with the Princes of the Apocalypse but seems like a lot to adjust to fit God "A" and God "B". Any other adventures that people think might fit the bill. I care more about the story and less about the suggested level required.

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    I m currently running PotA. Its strength is that the elemental theme is well done. There are four cults, one for each element. In my campaign, they fight each other. I think it is a bit too far removed from one cult / god against another.

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    I can't name one that just is that as a story right off.
    However if your using the common stuff from Forgotten Realms.
    Any module that runs around a farming town/village is the right setting for Chauntea and Talona the square off.

    I have run such a campaign spring boarding off from the module Under Illefarn set around the Daggerford area.

    The Goldenfields is a good adventure journey to the north from there. Allowing the players to get involved with Talon's machinations, that are stretching out from there to sully the farming communities her rival oversees.
    Stopping her minions work in the local area and being led to visit the Goldenfields from there to stop Talon's plans from ruing that grand temple to Chauntea that feeds cities wide and far.

    It was all of my own creation, but it all sprang from the basic setting of that module, and the Goldenfileds being near enough to relate, but far enough to be an adventure journey getting there.
    making for a more epic feel to matters when the players find out the stuff going on in the Daggerford area was just the bleeding edge out from the trouble's epicenter at the Goldenfields.

    And a lot of that was influenced by a player that was a cleric of Chauntea. So it all just fell out very reasonably as we went.

    Again not sure on a specific module for that caught in a god fight story, but would be looking for one that offers a good setup for such a god fight story i made up to go with it.

    Kinda depends on what you want the stakes to be too. Some gods would be more like, world destruction needs to be averted fights, while i others like these two gods can be more local area fights over more specific resources/territories/people kind of stuff.

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    I just started playing it, it's pretty entertaining. I found adventure games on these are free games with interesting plot. I like to play them at work to kill long working hours. Great way to relax and practice gaming skills.
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