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    Quote Originally Posted by Griogre View Post
    Kobold Press, Creature Codex, Elite Kobold, Other Tab

    The drop and drag read aloud text says "... trap-makers\emdasheducated and ..." where \emdash should was supposed to be an em dash.

    I'm noticed a fair amount of \emdash or \endash showing up instead of dashes in the Creature Codex recently. I'd suggest the developer do a general search for them since that publisher uses them a lot over colons, commas and semicolons.
    Did a search that was the only one believe it or not. Fixed next update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkon View Post
    Good Day Zacchaeus
    Not sure if this is intentional or not.
    Ice Knife:

    The problem with the automation currently is when you roll the die it rolls the attack and the save for the single target. Now if you have others in that 5' area you need to un-target the original (As that one has already rolled its save), select all the others, open the magnifying glass to only roll the save. And then make sure the correct targets are selected to roll damage.

    The way you would have to do this is as follows
    1. Target the first target
    2. Roll the little attack icon against that target - not the cast icon the one with the sword.
    3 If it hits then deal the 1d10 piercing damage by clicking on the first blood drop.
    4 Then target all the NPCs that are within 5ft of the initial target - including the initial target again if necessary
    5 Now use the save dice icon to make the save (again not the cast button but the dice icon next to the save)
    6 Roll the damage using the second blood drop icon.

    So the way it is set up is correct. If you wanted to you could set it up differently by adding another cast and adding the attack (or save) to that and move the save (or the attack) from the original. But since it can be done without that then there's no real need. The player just needs to learn to expand the spell before using it so they have access to all the buttons and not just the ones that appear in combat mode normally.
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    Thanks Zacchaeus
    I think I will just separate the cast and save buttons, sometimes the players get caught up in whatever is going on and then is slows down the play. We are a bunch of old dogs and sometimes learning new tricks exhausts us!!

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