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    Warp Reality Spell

    Would someone please help me figure out how to add Warp Reality as a spell? It is listed as a level 9 special spell and I'm not able to add it to levels 0 - 6 on my Witchwarper's spell list who is able to cast spells through 6th level. Am I missing something?

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    So in Starfinder there are no spells above 6th level if you just follow the rulebooks. That's why there are no slots on your charater sheet for them. Yes Miracle, Warp Reality and Wish are in the game and are considered 9th-level spells but from my experience that never actually got relevant. These special spells can be cast once a week only or (in case of wish) you need to expand 2 Resolve Points and 2 6th-level spell slots. These are high costs and should create a powerful effect. I don't know how you run your game or how your game is run by your GM. In my game I basically use these 3 spells like I would use the Wish spell in D&D. The spell has some given effects and these are good examples of effects the spell might have but in my opinion it's much more fun if the player actually expresses a wish they have and the GM decides what happens based on the force that granted the wish (might be the patreon deity a Mystic got their powers from, or a devil makeing a pact with the players completly unrelated to the class, or a djinni and so on) because they would try to "interpret" the wish to suit their own needs. To answer the question you actually wanted to know about. If you really want to add it to your character sheet you can go to abilities tab of your sheet and re-create it in there. Keep in mind though that you still need to keep track of the "cooldown" of the spell manually because the ticks that mark used spells, or actions in this case, get removed on every long rest the character takes. I don't create these spells at all because they don't have an action to cast you don't have an attack to make and you don't have a save to make. For how I use these spells in my game they are cast by your character but the effects are created by something or someone much more powerful then them so the character themselfs don't get a say in that. Even if you use the effects noted as examples in the rulebooks you would cast the spell and then eighter something already happens that you don't need to roll for (i.e. "Undo the harmful effects of certain spells, such as feeblemind") or you need to use a different spell afterwards that is duplicated, which these you can add to your character sheet. But I guess this all depends on flavor and how your game is run and I'm noone to tell you or your GM how to do that.

    Wow I went on a ramble again, I hope it's not the usual mess xD
    TLDR: You can add it to your actions tab, but I'd advise you to keep track of it somewhere else because it's just too different from the usual stuff the rules do.

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    Make a copy of the spell and change the level to 6, it will work in the spell list
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    Thanks guys. This is more on a NPC character I'm putting into the game and since he is rarely going to be in the game I figured make him kind of cool and came across this so I was curious. Will never use the spell but thought why not ask. And don't worry, you didn't ramble @Evolivolution!

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    Well if it's on an NPC I would say that's even more of a reason to not put it on a sheet and just handwave it as a GM. So it can have a cool new and unique effect each time
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