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    I would gladly jump in for the Saturday sessions if there is still an opening! Feel free to add me on Discord. Anarkos#5943

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedorian View Post
    Response has been excellent and I do have a secondary game day set up now. Saturday evenings, 6pm PST.

    Current numbers:
    Friday - 4 players
    Saturday - 5 players
    I would love to join the Friday group, if you are still looking for players that is. Feel free to add me on Discord at Aziraphale#2001
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    Looking for 1 player for Friday session: 4:30 PM, PST (runs about 4 hrs)

    Party level: 4th
    Current Classes (Roles): Celestial Vessel (Healer/Tank), Magus (Utility), War (DPS)

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    Still looking for 1 more player for Friday session.

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    Still fishing....

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    Hi Jedorian, are you still looking for a player? I am well versed in PF1 and the time works well for me. You can contact me either here or on Discord under Shane#9057
    "In our darkest hour, hope springs eternal."

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    Friday just can't catch a break. Get one and lose another.

    Looking for 1 more player for Friday...again!!
    Time: 5 pm PST
    Party: Celestial Vessel, Magus, Voidstriker
    Level: 5

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    Still looking.

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    If You still need a player for Friday I'm interested in joining. Feel free to contact me on discord Validname#6539

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    Saturday group is now in need of 1 more player.

    This group has chosen the evil path for the campaign, so it would be best for any potential players to also make an evil character. Otherwise, PC conflict could become an issue.

    Party level: 9th
    Party Class/Roles: Dread Necromancer (caster), Warlock (caster/healer), Imperial (tank)

    Game time: 6 pm (PST) approx. 4 hours long

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