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    LFM - Pathfinder 1e, Cosmic Horror

    I am currently looking for more players to join my group. 2 more would be good, even more than that would be better. I would welcome the opportunity to run more than 1 group should I get enough people, so that I can have a rotating game to host.

    The campaign is a unique world, not set in Golarion or other D&D worlds. This is a HEAVILY modified conversion of the old 3.0 modules, used together to create a story set around a group of PCs who used to be gods.

    The characters retain only a small fraction of their divine power and have been reduced to quasideity status, their memories broken, and forced into a world of horror and darkness trying to reclaim what was lost while interacting with the regular folks struggling to survive. The game is balanced between action and roleplay, though some stretches of the content do involve dungeon delving.

    Campaign Difficulty: HARD
    My only advice to players in this respect is to think before you act and work as a team.

    There is opportunity to deeply affect the lives of mortals here, be it for good or evil, and to eventually reshape this world to one of your own design.

    The Pathfinder 1e ruleset is being used for this, which includes all the information for classes and abilities that can be found on the PFSRD, but not anything from specific settings (i.e. traits and AP specific equipment). There is a significant amount of information of my own design put into this, and I encourage anyone who wants to join to take a close look at what is there before choosing to ignore it. The divine system in particular is integral to gameplay. I will provide a link to my google drive for those files.

    The game begins at 1st level and will cap at level 30. The divine abilities are similar to mythic rules, but the Mythic Adventures material is not being used.

    This is being run on Unity and I have the ultimate license for it. Discord will be used for voice chat and general discussions/alerts about the game.

    Game day will be Friday, evening. Start time will be 5 pm PST (UTC-8), and will be kept to about a 3-4 hour stretch. Second game day is Saturday, starting at 6 pm PST and runs ~4 hours, sometimes longer.

    Knowledge of this ruleset is unnecessary, I don't mind teaching new players. That goes the same for those new to the FG program.
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    have a chance to play god? sign me up!

    just kidding. have a chance to play pf1, period, is good enough for me X-D

    sounds interesting. i can commit to that time slot regularly.

    let me know how you're vetting players and preferred method of communication.

    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Am interested but don’t get home until 6pm PST.

    Would love to get in if you have any flexibility with start time.

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    You had me at the cosmic whore... I mean Cosmic horror * stupid spell check.* personally I love dark gritty campaigns. If you're still looking for bodies look me up. My Discord username is papacaine#8247. I Look forward to talking to you guys in the future.

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    Interested, sent you a PM.

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    I love the idea of humbled divinity. Do you become the God you once were or does it change after tasting hardship and failure... Do you become wiser and more compassionate or more fickle hearted and self righteous. It sounds amazing. With 10 years pathfinder and 27 years tabletop it sounds fun. I just wish it was on Saturday or Sunday nights. I can only play 6pm pst or later.
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    If I get enough people to form a second group, I can run this on a different day. A weekend game is certainly possible for me.

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    I'd be interested in playing this. Let me know what you require of me in applying.
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    Nothing at the moment.

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    Game looks good but times don't work (gmt), pleases let me know if you get enough players to have a second game.

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    Response has been excellent and I do have a secondary game day set up now. Saturday evenings, 6pm PST.

    Current numbers:
    Friday - 4 players
    Saturday - 5 players

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