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    Spell Combat Tab / Effects for C&C

    Hey guys, I wrote out the most useful 1st and 2nd level spells for Wizards, Druids and Clerics to use in FGU. The list below are either an "Effect" or its a "Weapon" in the Combat tab. Some spells are like weapons. They do something TO another. Some spells are just effects. Effects that apply to a target.

    FGU Spells

    1st level
    (effect) Bless; ATK:1
    Spell *Cure Light Wounds* touch [HEAL] 1d8
    (effect) Shield of Faith; AC:2; ABIL:2
    Spell *Sound Burst* ranged - 1d8 - range 50 Condition Stunned

    2nd level
    (effect) Spell *Aid*; ATK:1
    Spell *Descecrate*; ATK:1; DMG:1
    Spell *Protection against Evil/Good*; AC:2
    "Weapon" *Spiritual Weapon* 1d8
    (effect) Spell *Silenced*

    1st level spells
    (effect) Spell *Entangle*; ATK:-2;SAVE:-4 dexterity
    Spell *Magic Stones* Sling 1d6+1
    Spell *Magic Stones* Sling vs Undead 2d6+2
    Spell *Shillelagh* +1 Club 1d6+1

    2nd level
    (effect) Spell *Barkskin*; AC:+3 Duration 10min
    Spell *Cure Light Wounds* touch [HEAL] 1d8
    Spell *Heat Metal*;[fire]
    (effect) Spell *Hold Animal*;AC:-10
    Spell *Produce Flame* ranged touch 1d4+1 duration 1min

    1st level spells
    Spell *Burning Hands* range 1d2+1 range 5
    (effect) Spell *Charm* effect
    (effect) Spell *Chill Touch*;STR:-1 Duration: 4
    Spell *Magic Missle* ranged 1d4+1 range 150
    (effect) Spell *Protection against Evil/Good*; AC:2
    (effect) Spell *Shield* duration 5
    Spell *Shocking Grasp* touch 1d8+1 duration 0
    (effect) Spell *Sleep*;AC-20 Duration 5 (helpless magic sleep. I used AC-20 to replicate autohit. Change it to what you like)

    2nd level spells
    Spell *Acid Arrow* ranged touch 2d4 range 450
    (effect) Spell *Protection from Arrows*;RESIST:ranged
    (effect) Spell *Scare*;ATK:-1;DMG:-1 duration 5
    Spell *Spectral Hand* ranged touch +2 melee to hit range 100+10 level
    (effect) Spell *Web*;ATK:-2;DMG:-2
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    Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.

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