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    HI! I'm new here, and we're having so much fun trying to figure things out. But it's difficult when I can't read the text on the screen. I know how to change the display settings on my computer, but I was wondering if there's a way to adjust the base settings for Unity. Our nice computer is displaying out to a 50" screen, and for our other applications, we can read things just fine. For some reason, FGU's text is coming out really small. I'd hate to have to adjust my computer's overall settings every time I start up FGU, and readjust them back when we exit.

    Is there a solution?


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    In the Settings there is a slider bar to control the UI scaling; and while in the tabletop mode, you can type /scaleui 50-200 to scale the UI between 50% and 200%. (Mac will scale up to 400% to support Retina displays.)


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    Thanks! It took me a few tries to realize where it was. It was so small on this huge screen. Thanks much!

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