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    Similarly's Maps

    I've been making a lot of maps and parts of maps recently, so thought I'd share them with the community.

    First, this is a reimagining of The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. I keep the portal 40 feet in diameter, but changed the building to 5 levels (4 stories and a basement), and changed it to a round building. Feel free to use it in your campaigns if you like it.

    yawning portal basement.png

    1st floor
    yawning portal 1st floor.png

    2nd floor
    yawning portal 2nd floor.png

    3rd floor
    yawning portal 3rd floor.png

    4th floor
    yawning portal 4th floor.png

    In case you're wondering: I added magical elevators to connect the kitchens on each level.

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    This is a small bar I did in dundjinni quite a while ago.


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    This is a modification I did to Lost Mine of Phandelver's Wave Echo Cave. There's a place where the players might hit a looping terrain spell trap, so I created a map to go with it.


    I also created a place where a spell will create the illusion that the players are trapped in part of the cave.
    wave echo-ht-b.png

    And I created some false walls that will cover certain openings and exits.

    lmop7-secret door 1.png
    lmop7-secret door 2.png
    lmop7-secret door3.png

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    This is a rough sketch of the roof of cragmaw castle.
    cragmaw roof.png

    This is a map in dungeondraft of the bridge encounter near Phandalin.

    This is the town hall in Phandalin
    townmasters hall-a.png

    And this is the jail under the town hall.

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    This is a reimagined (and rebuilt) Tresendar Manor from Phandalin.

    1st Floor
    tresendar manor 1st floor-a.png

    2nd Floor
    tresendar manor 2nd floor-a.png

    Outbuilding 1st floor
    phandalin factory 1-a.png

    Outbuilding basement
    phandalin factory b1-a.png

    Lol, in my LMoP game, Glasstaff is a drug dealer.
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    This is a cave I created to connect The cragmaw hideout to cragmaw castle. It connected a secret tunnel in the cistern to a secret door in the floor of Cragmaw castle. There are three secret doors: one IN cragmaw castle, one in front, and one in back. The cave is loaded with secret door. It's a little rough, but it gets the idea across.

    I had to change the resolution to get it to upload, so sorry if it's a bit blurry.

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    Here are maps of a slightly reimagined Trollskull Manor from Waterdeep Dragon Heist. First: here is the derelict building which the PCs will first discover.

    trollskull manor - derelict - cellar.png
    ground floor
    trollskull manor - derelict - ground floor.png
    2nd floor
    trollskull manor - derelict - 2nd floor.png
    3rd floor
    trollskull manor - derelict - 3rd floor.png
    trollskull manor - derelict - attic.png

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    In my campaign, I homebrewed Thornhold on the sword coast into a "lighthouse of horror." Here are the images:

    thornhold - basement.png
    Ground Floor
    thornhold - ground floor.jpg
    2nd Floor
    thornhold - level 2.png
    3rd Floor
    thornhold - level 3.png
    thornhold - roof.png

    Special note: each level had doors leading NSEW because there were portals, so if you walked out a west-side door, you immediately were teleported to a doorway (randomly) on the east side of the building. The stairs were likewise looped so that you never knew where you'd end up if you went upstairs or downstairs. The party got separated a lot before getting remarkably creative.
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