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    Letís play tonight

    Hey guys, Iím new to fantasy grounds and ttrpg in general. So here I am with a free Saturday night wanting to break into this. I got a standard license and Iím willing to play anything, so Iím asking some fine people to get together with me tonight and have a good time.

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    While sometimes people do get lucky and find a game session on short notice, you have to remember that FG is not a game like ... (err .. League of Legends ?) where you can routinely log on and expect to find a game in minutes.

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    No, I know what fg is, but you won’t find anything unless you ask.

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    I believe seycyrus's point is even one shots take more planning and prep than posting interest for the same day provides. Most people do not check the forum on a regular basis, and even those that do check maybe once or twice a day. If you want to find (or host) a game then you are much better off posting at least a few days or even a week or two in advance. Hope you find a game!

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    Man whenever you host a gaming night again count your bro in too! I love playing sessions like these and making new gamer buddies. What games do yall usually play? I love gaming man and also write great gaming content online for many blogs! Lemme know what's up gaming fam!

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