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    Looks like we are back up to a full party then.

    Bear in mind you currently have an APL of roughly 4.83.

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    The server (FG Classic) is up for the game in roughly 45 minutes.

    Does anyone have a preference on Discord or Teamspeak?

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    I hope the game went well! I got to play this one with Thirsty at paizocon 2018, the only time I was able to attend. Good scenario! I would talk more about it but I was sworn to secrecy.

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    I had fun but my perspective may be different from the players.

    It is definitely memorable.

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    I think it's a really nice scenario. The combats are challenging, but actually not too hard. And it involves some interesting parts that go beyond just "checking off another victory".
    I suppose I couldn't really comment more without spoiling any plot to people who haven't played it yet.
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