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    Exporting a module

    I am creating a new campaign module.
    When I export the module and den load it as a new campaing it is all there. Fine.

    But I also have an old test module that I wish to copy some text from, into the new campaign.

    I loaded the new campaign I am creating.
    Then I also loaded the old test module I had from before into the campaign I am creating.
    I draged everything (story, item etc) that I wantet to include in my new campaing. Both those from my new campaing and those from the test module.
    But the exported file only include the new campaign data, nothing from my old test module.

    What could I do wrong?
    Do I need to rewrite everything I need from my old test module?

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    Correct. You can only export data from the campaign itself, not the loaded modules (otherwise people could easily 'copy' protected DLC content and remove the DRM).

    Use a development campaign (where you created your original module). Open the test module in there, copy all that to your development campaign. Then export it all to update your module. Then you can load that in any campaign and it will have all the content in it.

    See the link in my signature for more best practices.

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