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    Can't See Level 15 Boosts on the Tracker?

    As the thread title says. I have a level 18 character who wants to retrain their level 15 boosts, but the only boosts I can see on the tracker are levels 1, 5, and 10. How do I get to the level 15 boosts to change them?

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    Hhhmmm, that's something I meant to do, but obviously forgot. They're a PITA so I'd been leaving them for a while... I'll get them in a future release. For now the only way to change them would be to manually edit the XML - not ideal, sorry.

    EDIT - they're in the PC XML under chargentracker.abilities.level15_ability_boost_1 - 4. Safest way is to export the PC XML, make the changes, then import the PC back.
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