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    I think that this is a good tactic for expanding the base of players and GMs for SW. There is a comparatively large pool of people who play Pathfinder and some of them will be attracted to the SW system once they get to see it. I am all in favor of having more people for us to enjoy our favorite game system with and help PEGinc and Smiteworks be financially successful. Having additional ready made content also makes my life easier as a GM.

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    I've found that a lot of players are familiar with the PF setting. Converting it made it easier for me to introduce folks to SW and I've run a couple of successful campaigns due to that. The AP's are sometimes really boring - pretty much leading the heroes around by their noses. But, with a bit of work they can become a lot more fun.
    I try to play them like Plot Points and have things happen with, or without the heroes being involved, it also allows them more freedom to wander around and explore.
    And again, anything that will attract more players to SWADE is a good thing and will get my support.
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