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    Projector at Menards

    My wife just picked this up at Menards. Gonna use it for displaying FG on the wall, or the game table, not sure yet.
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    Get this screen to go with it;

    Set that up this past weekend in the backyard to go with a projector we already had. Was nice to sit out back and watch Netflix. Wonder how many neighbors could see it too...? (Note, yes it's winter here, and a brisk 60F in the evenings outside.)

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    @ Nylanfs
    though the years I have played around with various VTT type setups for my players gaming experience. Looking at your your link I would suggest the following for your concideration.
    1> Cost of replacement bulb
    2>Fan Noise to keep unit cool
    3> Viewing angle and keystone ability
    4> While 2000 lumens is an improvement over the past few years and the price of projectors have dropped in line with the large TV competition.
    4a> The projector will struggle with lights on in gaming room.
    4b> the wall surface will reduce resolution unless you consider some paint or screen to aid in its dispersion rate.
    4c> Lastly the throw rate is not listed (this is a term that takes the focal length desired and how far the projector needs to be to achieve.) to achieve the advertised 100" listed, may require you to have very tall ceilings (8'-10') above your table height.
    4d>Contrast ratio @1000 to 1 which is a comparison of values from light to dark the greater the number the more variation of color. from whitest whites to blackest blacks. the crisper higher resolution is usually 2.5 to 3.5 times that.. FYI

    Something else to consider is they don't even provide you with the basic details as another model on same site.

    Links to look at and think about
    Screen Ideas>

    Difference between throws

    For me I imbedded and old JVC 60" from pawn shop for $150 and a 8 dining table from good will all scratched up for $50 so for $200 have one game setup for $200 for 6 counting DM
    In process of game room conversion of garage so looking again as to better to go (TV again or short throw Projector) since have more players now 8 instead of 5.
    Can send you pictures and more details of things to consider if you like....
    Good like and keep rolling.

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