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    Multiple Licenses, same computer OR running from USB

    Hey all.

    So I have an Ultimate License, by daughter will be running a Demo one.

    When we run the game I will be running it from my laptop and she will be playing on the PC. That being said I would like to build on the PC when she's not around because it's screen is much larger and it's a PITA to be swapping monitor cables around.

    My plan was to keep the campaign data on a thumbdrive and synch between the 2 systems and that thumbdrive and that seems to work fine. The issue is that she needs to run off a different license when we are going to play the game. She has a separate account on the computer but installing it under her account and under mine didn't actually provide two instances. Right now I see her install folders and license under my windows account. If I change these then she sees MY account info when she's logged in. I should mention I am running windows 10 Pro.

    So my question is

    Is it possible to have 2 separate instances? and if so how?
    If it's not possible, is it possible to run the program off a USB key and what is involved with that. I am thinking it might just need to have a reg key that I load for them and then for me depending on what license I want it to use but I am not sure that is correct.

    I have tried searching here and I am not finding much that helps me with this specific problem.

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    I dont think you can run 2 separate licenses on the one computer.
    Just remove your license - leave your username - and rerun teh updater.

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    The license key is stored in the registry of the computer, which is why you have to remove it and re-run the updater. Does the monitor have a 2nd input? I know all my monitors have a HDMI, DVI, & VGA ports and I can switch between any of them. My security system is plugged into the VGA port on one so I can flip between it and my computer.
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    Or create a VM and run her instance of FG through the VM.

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