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    Possible to use snippets of reference books w/in a module?

    I've tried to find the answer to this by searching the forums, and it's probably there "somewhere" but I can't find it!

    I'd like to use a snippet of the Eberron book (specifically the background of the Boromar Clan and Draask) as a "handout" to the players without using the entire chapter on Crime in Sharn, or ALL the details listed in the book about these organizations. I've found a way to do this by opening the reference book to that chapter, taking a screen-shot of the part I am specifically interested in, saving it as an image in the campaign folder, and then creating a new story template with that image. Is there an easier way, and/or one that would allow me to edit the text?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome Aislyn

    Reference Manuals are not editable or unlockable.
    You can share individual pages of a reference manual but you cannot access its text for copy/paste.
    You may find the same content in a Story entry and if so then that can be duplicated and then edited.

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    Well that's a bummer - ok, thanks!

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    Yes, definitely search the Story entries; since most reference manuals have a Story version of all materials in the reference manual.


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    Thanks! Unfortunately there are no Story entries for the Eberron books...

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    The players have some information on these organisations already in the players module Chapter 3>Wards of Sharn > Criminal Activities.
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    I know, but I was trying to create a quick handout to use in-game that didn't have quite so many details - no worries, I figured out a work-around

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