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    The only benefit to using VSee over discord or other video chat services is for people who stream their games. VSee allows the streamer to pop out each camera into its own video feed for capture. This makes it much easier to capture and position each camera for the stream.

    VSee isn’t an app you might normally hear of as it’s primarily used by doctors for remote telemedicine. It’s just the only one I know of that allows splitting out each video stream

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    We use Discord and no video.

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    For those of you using Discord, what is your music bot of choice?

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    For streaming, you can use Discord with video and capture each of the individual video feeds (you're just making a capture of that section of the Discord app) and then position them in your overlay for where you want them to show(typically these will be beneath the main overlay). Only issue you end up having is when people join\leave the video chat during the session as it displaces people around.

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    Zoom - I find there are less bandwidth hiccups with Zoom. Then, of course, I toss a bunch of Gifs in Discord as a player at the same time

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    Also note that Zoom is removing the 40min time limit for the thanksgiving holiday.
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    I use Discord and for music I log in a separate account and use it to stream Syrinscape (of course this requires another a second computer).

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    We use Discord for voice and video on occasion.

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    We use Discord for voice & video... I really like having video available, so always try to get it, even if it doesn't always work.

    I use RhythmBot for music... can sometimes be a bit weird, but I'm mostly very happy with it

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