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    Looking for 5E PCs

    Hey all,

    I'm running a 5E campaign every other Saturday from 2 - 5pm CST (8 - 11pm GMT). We have 4 PCs already, with a 5th that is probably dropping out. Co-ed group that is more male heavy. Ideally looking for a couple female players who would be interested in joining in to even things out, but not required. This is also not a paid campaign due to running it for mostly friends.

    Background: Faerūn in the town of Phlan on the coast of The Moonsea. Phlan was taken over by evil forces over 100 years ago and a descendant of the former head of the merchant's guild is financing a liberation and you are helping take back the city. However, due to this you have caught the eye of the Mad Mage (Halaster Blackcloak) and he has already teleported you all to the Yawning Portal and expressed an interest in you entering Undermountain. The game will fluctuate between the two areas. Undermountain will go off the adventure book Dungeon of the Mad Mage while everything in Phlan is mostly custom created by me. Even though the adventurers will eventually take back Phlan the game will go on in Undermountain and also I'll figure out a path beyond that for the players. This can end up being a very long campaign.

    All player levels welcome, I have FGU Ultimate but ask that you have FGU Standard to show you are more serious. We use zoom for audio as we found it's more reliable than discord, but webcam is not needed. Anyone who is interested feel free to post here or DM me with questions or expression of interest in playing.

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    Hey there,

    I'm interested in joining your campaign. I've been playing 5e for a few years now and have FGU Standard, although I've never used FG to play a campaign on.

    I have a 13th level Circle of the Moon Druid that I use in a campaign a buddy of mine has been running off and on for 5 or 6 years now. If you'd like I can make a different character to help round out the party. Happy to do so as that's one of the activities I enjoy doing. Just let me know what general type is needed if any.

    Unfortunately I'm a guy. :^) Although I do appreciate you trying to balance things out.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    Sent you a DM, Scryte.

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