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    Looking for new D&D players.

    Looking for new D&D players. Running a campaign that is an extented version of Lost Mine of Phandelver. Although the main plot of that adventure is mostly the same. There is now several major side quests to do which players can pick from. Phandelver is now an adventuring hub for west marches style campaign. So players pick where they go rather that following a core plot.

    Right now checking to see how much interest there is in running a new set of players through Lost Mine of Phandelverl. Sign up and I will PM each other with details.

    D&D 5e: On Friday with willingness to move days to something the majority of players are happy with.
    Server also opens up midweek if people want access character sheets. For personal side quests and item shopping.

    FGU License: DM has Ultimate license. You can always join my games using a free demo version of Fantasy Grounds. All game books are provided online too.

    Game System: D&D 5E.

    Time Zone: UTC ZERO --- All times here are based on UK time and suggestions to start out. These may change depending on how the group feels.
    Friday 3PM - 7PM

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 to 4 hours or so. Currently every week, sometimes an off week due to Players work schedule.
    I am retired and flexible so I let players decide when they can play. So long as enough players want the game. It runs.

    Term: Long Term depending on how the players feel. The nature of the campaign is runs a pace dictated by the core group.

    Text or Voice: Voice.

    Voice software used: Discord

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Starts at 50/50. The final mix is driven by the players but normally stays at 50/50 in most groups.

    Number of Players in game & needed: This going to be for whole group of new people.

    Character starting level & equipment: Start off from level one. This helps people setting into the game better and learn the VTT. There is also more opportunity to advance characters that in a standard game.

    Character restrictions: It depends on group dynamics. I normally run with any class from PHB or Sword Coast Adventure Guide. With the only limits the group players needs to get along with each other.
    Character generation is done in discord and a follow up session zero. There is pregen characters and you can also access. There is also a special character creator in my FG table top.
    Characters can also be provided by DnD Beyond.

    Sign up sheet
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    I like to join. Played AD&D back in the old days and been looking to try out 5E.
    Never played D&D 5E or Lost Mine of Phandelver. Been reading up on some of the rules and created some PC in FGU.
    Friday and saturdays works great for me. Nice to see some more none USA time zone games.

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    I would be interested in joining. Fridays and Saturday's suit me as well.
    Some years back I played one session of 3.5, but ended up just creating a character.

    Ever since then, I have been very keen on playing RPG's, though never had the chance since I have been stuck as the forever GM for my friend group.

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    Hi there, I'm looking forward to join!

    Finding a suitable time has proven to be a challenge since there are US games mostly.
    I don't want to spend nights playing since it's chipping away at my daytime concentration and health.
    It gets worse when there's a suitable time for the game, but it turns out to be a plain dungeon crawl with over 50% battles definitely, if not 100%.

    I understand the appeal, but for me, D&D has always been a roleplaying game full of story, narration, and immersion.
    I reckon that most people don't want to bother with it because uninspired RP is getting in the way of kicking that dragon's butt.
    AND it's a lot of work for DM, which not everyone is willing to do.
    So it makes sense to just skip it all and go straight to the battle mechanics which are engaging and leave little space for ambiguity and fluff.

    But still, I wouldn't play D&D if I weren't looking for plot, exploration and development.
    Don't take me for a literary critic, but if you want to see what I mean - then Critical Role is a perfect example of narration+battle I'm looking for.
    It's not BAFTA, it's not overly serious, it's just well thought through.
    Sometimes you spend a session talking and preparing and traveling; sometimes you spend a session fighting.
    Any fight is so much better when there's foreshadowing going on.

    My time zone is UTC+3, so Fridays are most likely not going to work during the daytime.
    As for Saturdays - I'm up for it

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    Sounds great, signed up.

    I have FGU license and played around with the software but never played a D&D game so I'm a complete novice. Looking forward to learning the ropes. In UK time zone.

    Friday afternoons is perfect for me as I finish early, this will also keep the weekend free for when we get back to normality.

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    i would absolutely love to be a part of this campaign. i bought the lost mines box and was never able to find anyone to play through it with. i have a dwarf cleric i created alil backstory for and would again just love to have the chance to be part of it. thank you for your consideration

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    Dammit, missed the Sign Up Sheet the first I visited here.

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