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    Figured I'd share this info from DMsG for those who want/need to know

    If you update an existing product on DMsG it will not notify your purchasers via Email.

    It will bump up the title in their personal library and show any notes you had with the update.

    Just FYI as I was not aware of updates not being broadcast out.

    If this is in the wrong sub forum for this type of thing, please move the thread to the appropriate place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadNomadGM View Post
    Good news. I've built a solution for this.
    Watched video - used link I saw in it for authors and updated all the extensions in my signature. I'll put my new one out there next week when it's done.

    Hopefully someday DMsG will just email purchasers when an update occurs - but your work helps those who use a lot of extensions by handling the check right where they use them (plus handles community stuff also).

    In any case, updated the thing I maintain in here and in DMsG. Said it "submitted" so hopefully it worked and I gave the correct data.


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    Thanks, I'll be processing all the submissions tonight to get the newest version of the data up to date in the extension.

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    There is a Drivetrough RPG application that can download and update both PDF files and FG extensions. You cannot set it to check the FG folder, though. So you need to download and then manually copy over to FG.

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    Many errors trying to use MadNomadGM's extension in FGU.

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