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    GM LF2P D&D 5E Long-term Campaign Thursday 8 PM PST

    Looking for 2 players to join a campaign in progress. We try and play a 3-4 hour game every Thursday evening at 5 pm PST. Currently level 3. Calender link here:

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    I'm new to playing online. I have experience with 5e in person. I like acting and theater in general, I am currently looking to join an online group. What information can I give to join; if you're still looking for new players. Let me know, excited and eager to join!

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    if your still needing players i would love a chance to get in on an ongoing campaign

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    Are you still looking for players? I am pretty new to FGU and relatively new to 5e, but have played D&D since 1976. I would very much like to get in on a Thursday night game.
    I started playing in 1977, yep I'm *cough cough* years old, and have loved the game ever since.

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