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    [SWADE + FGU]Spirit roll penalties aren't applying on Fear checks?

    So one of the PCs in my Deadlands game has the Night Terrors Hindrance, which gives a -1 to all Spirit rolls. This works when the character rolls Spirit directly, but not when doing a Fear Check with "/roll fear", which is a Spirit roll. This is important for Deadlands because of the Fear Levels that areas can have that are already applied as a Global Effect.

    How can I configure FGU to also apply that penalty to "/roll fear"?

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    This is possibly a bug.

    However, I know you can use the effect [Fear -1] to add the penalty to the Fear rolls only (Say you want to affect only fear and not the Spirit Rolls). For now you could fix it by setting the hindrance to [Spirit|Fear -1], but maybe Ikael will come around and get it fixed.

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