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    Where did everyone get the Tokens from? Website? How to assign the token to the spell, Drag it to the page?

    XMLs uploaded

    Where do you place the GenerateSpellTokenImage.bat file?

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    Hit me up on discord and I will get you set up.
    Discord @MrDDT#0001

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athinar View Post
    Okay, I have the Spell Token Extension, now I need the step by step instructions to make this work
    Hi Athinar,

    So the step by step can get very complex depending on what you want to do. If you have access to the DMsGuild typical spell pack most people use as spell tokens, DUNGEONS-AND-DRAGONS-5e-Spell-Tokens-21 , then you can use the import button on the 'spell configuration window' to load the 'B9_SpellTokens.xml' from any location on your computer to configure 5e spells for this pack.

    If you want to draw your own spell tokens, then you can use the 'GenerateSpellTokenImage.bat' and ImageMagic ( linked on first post of this thread ), this with some basic size settings will generate a number of masked shape token images you can use in any image editor (gimp/photoshop etc. ) to draw your token on. Pick the shape type you want, ie one of the 'cone' shapes for a cone spell token effect.

    In the 'spell configuration window' you can add a new line with the 'green +' button on the bottom. ( or the radial ), Find your token from the 'assets' menu button on the right ( probably in the tokens submenu, assuming you put your custom graphics in the FG install folder/tokens folder. ) And drag this onto your new line 'token circle' at the far right of the line. ( If you also used the 'i_shape.png' smaller icon made with the batch file you can use the other 'token circle' for that. ) With a name and graphics configures, you need to set the 'size per 5 units' which you used in the batch file, and set the shape toggle box to the shape you used.

    Now you can test this by just dragging it from the 'spell config window' onto a map image, to check that the spell token shows as the expected size and responds to the shape selected correctly. If the shape is the wrong size, adjust the 'size per 5 units'.

    For the 'collision percentage' set this to 100% to start with, but you can reduce it down if you want to give your players a little more 'play room' around the token.. This depends on how you have 'snap to grid' and how 'loose' a DM you are with exact square coverage to selection.. Its flexible for you to play with. I think most circle at about 95% on grid snap, tends to better select tokens more on the grid in the shape more expected for full square selection etc..

    For the players/npc as long as the name in the spell configuration window matches the name of the spell, then the player adds the spell to character sheet the spell token should now show on the right of the spell name. ( And in the combat tracker for 5e, NPC on the effects list of the spell etc.. ) These will either be the 'icon' you set, or FG will use the full size spell token if you did not specify an icon.

    If a token is dropped such that the centres of the spell token and a player/npc token match, these will be 'linked'. Think 'spirit guardian' spell.. And you can drag the 'spell token' and it will drag the player/npc with it.. or drag the player/npc and the spell token should drag with player/npc. NOTE... pressing 'shift' stops this default link action.

    You can rotate the spell tokens in the normal way, for fine rotation you can use shift+control+wheel.

    If you want to get extra advanced, you can also configure a 'spell lighting effect' using the 'link shield' type button at the end of the spell effect name in the configuration window. This gives access to the lighting values that can be configured within FG. To understand these read FG documentation about lighting effects...

    Players/NPC can right-click 'radial' target using the icons at the bottom of the radial menu for the spell token on a map.. Using the green/red friend/foe icons on the radial. ( The same ones on the DM combat tracker bottom middle.. )

    I think this covers the basic, to slightly past basic configuration and setup. If you need more advanced help, post a question with some images as to how far you have got and what issue you are trying to configure. ( Its possible that it might not be a valid feature you are thinking, but it might be a good suggestion to add etc.. )

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