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Thread: LFP, DnD5e, EST

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    I am starting a campaign, Lost Mines of Phandelver. Looking for 4-5 players, the couple of players i have seem to be geared toward sunday nights. plan on moving to ghosts of the saltmarsh after Lost Mines, and then to homebrew in the distant future

    FGUnity: Standard license(will be upgrading to Ultimate soon)
    RULESET: DnD5e
    VOICE: skype, zoom and discord
    NOOB friendly
    I have myself and two other friends looking for a game Tuesday night? Really love roleplaying but are also active with combat

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    I Don't know if this is still up, but I have been playing for a year with a group on Saturday. If you are playing Monday nights I would love to throw my helmet into the arena.

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    Might be to late but I would be interested in joining your group

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    Not sure if this has been filled but me and 1 more are available Sunday nights and have FG & Discord ready to use.

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    Looks like you're full up, but if not, my fiance and I would love to join a new group. We're reliable and experienced players with a regular Saturday night group, but the other DM in the group recently said he was done DMing for good. Really want to find a group where I can be a player. Both of us know classes and mechanics of game well and are willing to play whatever the party needs most.

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    Greetings Deeder,

    My wife and I are interested in joining. She is fairly new to D&D, still learning and doing a wonderful job. I am an experienced player, 15+ years; and DM 10+ years. We are both available on Sunday only. Your game caught my eye due to the "leaning toward Sundays" posted. We would only be available to play on Sunday. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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