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Thread: LFP, DnD5e, EST

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    LFP, DnD5e, EST

    I am starting a campaign, Lost Mines of Phandelver. Looking for 4-5 players, the couple of players i have seem to be geared toward sunday nights. plan on moving to ghosts of the saltmarsh after Lost Mines, and then to homebrew in the distant future

    FGUnity: Standard license(will be upgrading to Ultimate soon)
    RULESET: DnD5e
    VOICE: skype, zoom and discord
    NOOB friendly
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    If you do Monday night, I would be interested. I can't any other night.

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    id be free from about 8pm to 12am mondays usually. EDIT: would no longer be availible on monday
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    Hello! I'd love to take part. I personally could make Tuesdays and Thursdays work starting at 9 pm EST. Let me know I'd love to run this campaign and get in an exciting adventure!

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    I already sent you my PM. Wed is my preferred night and may be able to make another weeknight work. Friday is out and weekend in general for me.

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    rzarector90, I appreciate the initiative to run the adventure, however I'm somewhat of a new DM and its time to get my feet wet on the full scale, if you'd like to join me as a player I'd still be happy to have you on board and would be willing to take advice before and after sessions from an experienced DM.
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    Listen man, I've never played before at any capacity. I would be walking into this a complete noob so I have no expectations when it comes to you, the DM, or any other players. I just want to jump in and play and enjoy the sessions. Let me know man, I'd love to play!

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    Talieson, ill keep you in mind if i get more people and start leaning toward monday nights
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    rzarector90, ill PM you a few details

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    I am interested and available any day any time. Struggling a little going FGU after only half a year in FGC before the 3 year break. I might require a pre session before a session zero but I am a fast learner so I might figure it all out before. Sending you private message also.

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