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    Gothic Theme Trouble with Hot Keys being blocked

    HI, I bought the new Gothic Theme for FG Classic and I'm using it with D&D 3.5 ruleset. It looks awesome and ran fine when I first uploaded it. However, during the last two game sessions beginning 11/7, I have not been able to use the them due to the artwork curtains seeming to block a number of my hot keys at the bottom of my screen. This did not happen the first time I used the theme when it came out. I cannot get my hot keys to work at all and they are blocked by the artwork curtains. I checked the forums and did not see anyone else having this problem. Can someone help me with this?

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    Yes, this was just pointed out elsewhere, as LordEntrails has pointed out. Might I ask if this is in full-screen mode? And if so, what resolution is the screen on which this is happening? Is the UI being scaled? And if so, to what?

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