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    Tentatively Filled at this time.

    I have filled this group.

    Thank you for all the interest, it was great seeing the people that were interested in finding a group.
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    Still interested if you have room.
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    @ Shadotora Alright I will send you a discord invite via PM.
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    @Thelgor I sent you a private massage.

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    I am actively pursuing to join a party.

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    This sounds perfect as far as what I'm looking for.
    Played D&D in the 80s then returned last year. Looking for a long term group if possible and take my committed attendance seriously.
    I'm hoping to either be given the opportunity to see if I'm a fit for your group or for a future group.
    Please send me your discord and possibly an opportunity to discuss further.

    Looking forward to hearing back,

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    I would be interested in this campaign. I am looking for a group to become a part of that plays regularly. Let me know if there is still spots open.

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    I am very much interested if there is still space.

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    If there is a spot open I would like to join, let me know.

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