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    Quote Originally Posted by GunbunnyFuFu View Post
    I'm happy to help you learn SWADE & FG. Join us over at the Fantasy Grounds College and we can get you hooked up!
    Already there and took some classes a while back, mostly for refreshers on general FG stuff. I'll certainly keep a closer watch on events that are available/coming up. Right now it a time issue mostly. I have some game ideas, short campaigns, but not sure on the setting, Probably best to get in on some on-shots as a player next and get used to the SW ruleset interface.
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    Well starting with the rules in the SWADE era is a real plus as it's the best edition yet. If by "etc." you also mean books or PDFs, I'd recommend the Horror Companion and Science Fiction Companion. Both are terrific companions and they really give you excellent tools and illustrate how to to build content for your homebrews or any existing 1st or 3rd party setting. I'm not a fan of running Supers with SW, so I don't use the Super Powers 2 companion and while I own the PDF and FG DLC for the Fantasy Companion, I find it the weakest of the 4. That said, there are many fans of the SPC2 and it and the FC have good sized bestiaries, which will be very helpful when you need to add threats to an Encounter.

    Note though, that the Fantasy Grounds DLC versions of those companions were written for the Savage Worlds Deluxe version of the ruleset and the FC for the even earlier SWEX. That said, I've used both the FG SFC and FC DLCs with the SWADE ruleset for months and haven't had issues.

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    I have found this playlist from Florian that is absolutely fantastic and very up-to-date:
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