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Thread: Alien RPG on FG

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    Alien RPG on FG

    Compared to other forums Alien RPG seems to be a comparatively huge success on FG. Why is this? How many people are playing Alien here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caracalla View Post
    Compared to other forums Alien RPG seems to be a comparatively huge success on FG. Why is this? How many people are playing Alien here?
    Got a game next weekend.

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    In general forums are not really good indicator how many people are playing certain game... not everyone is using those forums. For example I am the voice of ~10-12 people when raising questions or bugs as I am often the GM and eager to go extra mile to get things fixed and product(s) improved.
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    Our game is yet to start but we're looking to kick off a face to face game on Dec 4th. Can't wait - so far it looks awesome and I like the mechanics. Hopefully, my players will have a blast.

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    I've only run one game of Aliens so far using the new system, but made a rather extensive career running the old leading edge aliens game back in the 90's, and then using a hacked version of star wars d6, and then...and then... - point is, I'm liking this system for the most part. The real appeal of the system, IMO, is the quick accessibility - making characters takes maybe 5 mins (probably less), combat is pretty basic, appropriately brutal, and the stress and panic systems are...about par for the course. The only real hitch I've run into so far is the crit systems and "damage" systems for major npc's (aliens and synths and the like), but I think with a few more runs it'll become 2nd nature. My only real criticism is that the game system is SUPER random, and I don't mean probability-wise, I mean the way the basic game mechanics work. Panic is powerfully random, and even the Aliens and primary enemies don't "choose" their attacks, you roll on a table to see what they're going to do. I'm not 100% sure I like it yet, but it DOES actually feel surprisingly authentic to the cinematography of the Aliens movie, so it might actually be a plus - I'm just...still testing it out.

    anyway, I recommend it for a variety of reasons, IF you like the Aliens universe and/or horror games. It's pretty cheap right now (in that you can get in on the ground floor for under 100$), the system is super accessible, and it's a fair representation of the best parts of the Alien franchise. Not perfect, not all-encompassing, but a better-than-average at the very least representation of the Aliens franchise, and this comes from a super-fan whose love for the Alien movies is only exceeded by the level of hatred he has for crappy Alien movies (I'm looking at you AVP:Requiem and Alien : Covenant can just burn in it's cryo-tube)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kermit1013 View Post
    I've only run one game of Aliens so far...)
    Thank you for the input. How is the game running on FG?

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