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    Specific question on connection error issue


    So I am a player trying to troubleshoot the always fun connection error issue. Before I head into the high weeds, wanted to share a few things and see if that helped narrow down the issue:

    1. On initial install, I was able to log into my GMs game with zero problems
    2. On second try is when I started getting errors. Only change I made (that I know of) is updating FG Classic.
    3. I AM able to log into test games with zero problems
    4. Other players are able to log into my GMs game no problem.
    5. Verified creds 200 times + turned off every firewall on my machine.

    So my main question is: since I can connect to a test environment, does that rule out a security setting block of network setting issue, or should I keep trying to troubleshoot that to the very bottom.

    Any other advice is also greatly appreciated. Many apologies for starting a new thread on this - I searched but was unable to find a thread with this exact situation, and was hoping someone smarter than me could help me rule a few things in or out.

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    Welcome to FG.

    Are you using an alias or the IP address. If using the alias try using the actual IP address.

    Another possibility is if you or the DM have one of these ISPs.

    Connection issues are almost always on the DM side so it’s unusual for the issue to be on the players side.
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    Try this. Launch FGC. Click the little folder icon in the upper right hand corner.
    Open the cache folder.
    Rename the folder that goes with your game.
    Try to connect into your DM's game. If it works delete the renamed folder.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I originally used the alias when I got a successful connection, in troubleshooting, I’ve tried both and neither work. I have an auto-fill option from the successful connection as well, but no dice there.

    I will check with my GM re: those ISP blocks and see if there’s anything to be done there.

    Thanks for the response!

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    I think you should check into Zacchaeus post - it seems the most likely to me.

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    First I want to say Zacchaeus and damned have tons of good knowledge here and I would say start with their advice.

    The thing that stands out to me is you have connected in in the past and others are able to connect in now. This brings me to think it is something specific to you. Your cache is what is unique to your connection. Plus this is an easy test to try if the DM does not have an ISP that is blocking you.

    The ISP blocking connections is becoming a new fun problem. There is a great post at the top of this thread you might want to read through if that looks like it is the problem.
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    Ah, I was excited for the clear cache try (didn't realize that was possible) but alas, that didn't seem to do it either.

    I will see if there's anything to pursue on the ISP front.

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    New thread is defiantly the way to go with this. Sorry no one said that earlier.

    OK a couple of other assumptions have gone into this. I assume you are at your home and the GM is at another. If you both are in the same apartment complex or collage that could change some of how we are looking at the problem.

    When you say you can login to test games. I assume that you mean other games that are hosted by people out on the internet and that none of these are hosted by the GM.

    I am also assuming the the GM has also updated their game client and is the same or higher version than you. Best if you are running the same most updated version.

    Are all of the people and you using the same OS? This should not make a difference but if you are the only one running a different OS then that might be something to know.

    I am still leaning toward Zacchaeus and damned theory but just making sure something is not missed.
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    I was able to get in!

    Not actually sure what did it - I kept on messing with configs on my PC and then reinstalling and eventually something took.

    Thanks so much for all the help and advice. This’ll be my first D&D game ever so I’m pumped for it.

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    Welcome to the fold, we're happy you are here
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