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    After fresh Install of FGC on Mac OS 10.13.6 updater fails: CreateDevice Failed

    After Fresh install of FGC on Mac Pro 2012 running os 10.13.6, the FGC app is slightly glitchy and I have to click it several times to get it to open. Once open it gives me the usual FGC landing page, I sign into my FG account and then hit update button. After completing all downloads of my purchased content on uploader, FGC crashes to desktop with the following error. CreateDevice Failed! OK.
    When I click OK I get a further error message:
    Could not initialise graphics system! OK.

    I am using default install directories for Mac OS, the only difference I can see is that this time I installed FGU before I installed FGC.

    I had FGC running nicely last week on this system but I had to do a complete restore of my system after an accidental update in OS that caused lots of issues, so erased HD and did restore from an old Time Machine backup, reinstalled FG Unity, no problems and running well, however can't get FGC to open once updated.
    I have deleted install and done fresh install three times now and it fails at the same point, after uploading WotC Xanathars guide and trying to open the updated app launch page.

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    The FGC installer hasn't changed in over a year. Where did you install it from?

    You can also try changing the Wineskin options.


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    I installed FGC from the FG website today and downloaded the MacOs .dmg Installer, mounted and installed the Pkg After verifying files, the installer placed a FGC application in my applications folder.

    You can also try changing the Wineskin options.

    Im not running wineskin.... So dumb question, does the Mac OS download not include any emulator required? I don't recall installing wineskin or anything else three years ago when I installed FGC the first time round...? Is this required to run FGC in macOS?

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    FGC is a Windows application only; and only runs under Mac in emulation. The DMG file that is available for download is a Wineskin wrapper around the FGC executable.

    That is why I started searching for similar situations from the past. There is nothing that has changed on that wrapper for at least 3 years.


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    I will install Wine and see how that works. Thank you for the quick replies.

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    A thought occurred, I originally purchased and installed FGC through steam a few years ago... I guess the emulator was bundled in that install ... I can't find FGC download on steam, It defaults to FGU. Saying its in my library ready to play... is FGC available on steam anymore?

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    Ok can't find FGC download on steam even in the depths of my purchased content library, only option I get is FGU... Spent about 2 hours mucking about with Winebottler and Wineskin Winery and both seem to be flawed. Wineskin developers website seems to be unavailable, and Winebottler gives error message unable to find FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe file every time I try and create the FGC app.... come back FGClassic on steam all is forgiven... suggestions please, where do I go from here?

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    Have you upgraded to Catalina?

    The reason I ask is because I believe Wine/other emullators may not necessarily work on Catalina.

    Apple removed all of the 32-bit support from Catalina, so if the emulators are still 32-bit, that would cause a problem.

    I know this was an issue previously, but I do not have a Mac, so I have not really followed it to see if any progress has been made.
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    You don't need to install from Steam to use FGC.

    Yes, depending upon when, the Steam install packaged FGC instide a WINE wrapper. That's how it normally works for Macs now, and you do not need to install any Windows emulator.

    Try installing the FGC Mac version (embedded in a WINE wrapper) from this page;

    Or directly; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/home/...stallation.php

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    LordEntrails: I used both the given links to download my install of FGC as per my first post ( I ran it three times, just in case downloading teh DMG file from both links).
    This is what happens when I download form either of those given links.
    The DMG mounts and installs no problem and I get a FGC app in my applications folder, it opens and runs.
    I then get the launch screen with the update button, all good so far.
    I then select update and it starts downloading all my purchased DLC content, going great so far.
    The updater then gets all the way to the end of my DLC update list and after loading "Xanathars guide to Everything" which I suppose is the very last piece of DLC on my list, it then seems to try and re-open the launch page and at that point it CTD and fails with an error message:
    CreateDevice Failed! OK.
    When I click OK I get a further error message:
    Could not initialise graphics system! OK.

    As I posted above, I am looking for a solution to that issue, I think the Wine suggestion was a workaround to get it running in a Windows emulator.

    Sulimo: Have you upgraded to Catalina?
    No I am running High Sierra 10.13.6 (build version 17G65 to be exact). I am avoiding Catalina for the 32 bit software issues.

    The confusing thing here is that FGC was running quite happily on my system 10 days ago so in theory it will run happily once more. The issue is this update crash error.

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